October 08, 2014

Art journaling workshops

Back during the long hazy days of Summer, I had the pleasure of teaching my first "Introduction to Art Journaling" course.  Set in the lovely surroundings of the Franca Bruno shop in Gatehouse of Fleet,  a beautiful old  converted church,  it was the perfect setting for an evening of creativity.    There was much laughter, chatter, creativity and playing with paints, pens and papers.  Franca provided a delicious array of refreshments to keep us going and someone bought in a big bowl of fresh from the garden raspberries!
 I have been working on a programme of workshop based activities over the past year, with the view to teaching creative play, based around topics that can also take the participant on a journey of self discovery and nurture their soul.   It was a joy to see these lovely folk letting go and "playing" with the materials I provided, and coming up with some beautiful pieces of work. When teaching the workshops, I demonstrate a variety of techniques and medium and with creative prompts folk then experiment and get creative themselves.
 My own art journaling is now an extension of me, a place where I capture my hopes and dreams, emotions and thoughts through art and words. A place I can experiment and play creatively.
An art journal can bring greater insight and understanding of self, it can enhance the ability to listen to our inner voice and heighten our self awareness. By putting down our thoughts it focuses out attention and  allows us to explore them. Journaling is also a great stress reliever, and a wonderful way to discover new talents or awake old ones.
During my workshops we explore self expression, art-making and journaling all in one go.  You don't have to be an artist to participate, all you need is the desire to be creative and an art journal. So if you ever felt you wanted to:
* Discover your artist within
* Begin a creative practice
* Learn to have some creative fun
* Get in touch with and nurture your soul
* Explore creative expression
* Learn how to start creating an art journal
* Begin your journey of self discovery
* Learn art techniques

then perhaps heart journaling is for you.
I have dates for my upcoming "Heart Journaling" workshops

 *  Tuesday 21st Oct, 7-9pm at the Franca Bruno shop. Gatehouse of Fleet £5pp

*  Saturday 22nd Nov 1.30-3.30 at The Art Room within the Old School, Dumfries £20pp
I am also hoping to run a series of weekly workshops in the New Year

You can find more information about the course or contact me if you are interested over on my website www.ruthieredden.com   or e-mail me at ruthieredden@hotmail.co.uk.

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 You may also be interested to read my post about the "Happiness Book" I keep here.


  1. Wished I lived a bit closer, so I could attend one of your workshops.
    Jacqui x

    1. Aww thanks Jacqui, I am hoping to get them on-line in the near future, thats what Im working away on in the background here x

  2. Fantastic idea Ruthie - good for you. I know these workshops will be so popular. Hope they are a fantastic success and I know they will bring joy and open up a creative world to those who attend.x

    1. Thank you Jules, I hope so too, I feel so passionately about helping others find their creativity.

  3. Oh I would LOVE to come to one of your workshops if I lived closer. I've just had a look at your Happiness book too - what an excellent idea. I'm also a Virgo. We do appreciate the value of a good list, don't we!

    1. So lovely to hear you like my happiness book Janice, it is such a joy to work on. I am hoping soon to have my workshop etc on-line so maybe then you caould ahve a try. x

  4. The workshops sound great! Too far for me to come unfortunately...

    I really love your new blog banner Ruthie, it's beautiful!

    1. If you're ever up this way, you can have your very own worksho playtime.x

  5. What a fun thing! ~ I too wish I were closer!! ~ I'd be there in class in a flash! Thanks for sharing the photos, so I can peek at the fun at least! :)))))

  6. Dear Melody, thanks, I do hope to have the workshops on-line asap and will let you all know when they are x

  7. Hi Ruthie I'm so glad I found you. Just visiting here for the first time today. Great workshops and I love your art x

    1. Thank you Kassi, lovely to see you here too x


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