December 04, 2012

Wintry crafts & traditions

Wintry days are upon us, with a chill in the air & frost sprinkled ground.
This is the time we worked towards through the days of Autumn, 
cutting fallen trees in the wood and humphing then into the log shed
I love these cosy nights in, snuggled by the fire, with a book & a cup of tea
I love trying different crafts and have been busy making
candles to burn on those darkest of nights
 and driftwood Christmas trees to decorate with stars.

 Also newly in stock my card " While angels sing", in my shop here
along with my other Christmas card designs too.
My Blessing tree prints are now available in poster/A3+ size prints, 
and folk have been buying them as Christmas presents, yay.
If you are in Dumfries you can now find my work at the lovely
 Art Room within "The old School " a veritable Aladdin's cave of goodies.

 I also just happen to love family traditions
and on the 2nd weekend in December we have one tradition
that always brings the excitement of the beginning of the season for  us.
We all gather at the forestry Kirroughtree visitor centre Christmas tree day,
 where we pick our own trees, eat mince pies & drink hot chocolate.
 and afterwards we all troop back to Mom & Dads for homemade soup & chatter.

I do so love traditions, do you have a special Christmas tradition to share?
* * *
I have also set up a new tradition of my own over on my Facebook page
as i love making & crafting so very much, every Friday I now share a
 "Project for the weekend", different crafts & how to's that I come across
as well as lots of other news & happenings both mine & others.
Do hop over and take a peep here and like my page.


  1. Your images are very evocative of the Spirit of Christmas, and those cards are beautiful! I love the idea of mince pies and hot chocolate. One of our Christmas traditions is to meet friends at Sandown Park for a day of horseracing on the first weekend in December. It's usually freezing, they give away mince pies, and we share mulled wine. I love those candles!

  2. Sweet... love the driftwood trees and everything else, really. Just came in from splitting kindling on a warm and foggy day in the forest. December blessings to you :)

  3. Lovely post Ruthie, you've even made me feel faintly Christmassy, and that's hard these days!:) Our decorations always went up on 12th December (my birthday)and I always remember the excitement of the fairy lights going on the tree, it seemed so magical to the small person I was then. ( and I still love fairy lights) x

  4. I just visited and "Liked' your fb page... wondering how you linked it with your Etsy shop? I looked around a bit on Etsy and Fb and didn't see it??

  5. I love your handmade candles, and driftwood sculptures, Family Christmas traditions are so special aren't they

  6. Mrs Black ~ Love your tradition and mulled wine is a must on cold wintery evenings.

    Valerianna ~ ha, yes splitting kindling, a great way to keep warm too x

    Jules ~ So glad I helped add a wee bit of Christmas feeling. Ooh a Christmas birthday, how lovely, hope you have a magical time x

    Sue ~ traditions certainly are, they make the moments I think. Hope you are happily crafting and keeping warm x

  7. Some wonderful creations Ruthie, I love those Christmas trees.
    You're traditional day at at Kirroughtree sounds quite magical. The homemade soup brings back memories of my granny's kale.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. It is quite a magical time, isn't it Ruthie?

    Oh, how your pictures always inspire me!

    Hope you have fun picking your tree :) xo

  9. I love your drift wood trees and topping them with felt stars is brilliant

  10. Lovely post Ruthie! Your driftwood Christmas trees are amazing - I think they are actually my favourite Christmas trees ever!

  11. Jim ~ thanks you too, can I ask, what is Granny's kale?

    Julie ~ it is a magical time of year, i love it for so many reasons. It has a special kind of magic in the air i think x

    Hawthorn ~ thank you, i wonder it seems you have a blog too, but I can't find a link when i click through??

    Deborah ~ aww thank you treasure x x

  12. Hi Ruthie, as a wee boy growing up over in Fife, my granny lived in a small cottage with leaded windows at Clushford Toll,between Cupar and Ladybank. We lived a couple of miles away in the village of Springfield. We'd visit at weekends and granny would make this wonderful barley and beef soup which we'd eat along with crusty bread. It's was the only meal she'd ever feed us, though we also would get home baked buns for the road home.

    This page has the recipe.
    Scottish Kale Soup

  13. Jim ~ what lovely childhood memories, thank you for sharing the recipe too, now i know!

  14. your angel is so lovely~ i have always felt charmed by your art and the sweet details you breathe life into.

    sounds like you have some wonderful traditions.


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