August 29, 2008

Jean Redden landscapes of passion . . .

Such a passion of colours & hues
this our enchanting corner of Scotland

tucked away from hustle & bustle

Slow & golden hours i spent this afternoon
dreamily helping to hang this exhibition
painted by an exceptional someone
a very precious someone held so close in my heart
who shared with me, her gift of creativity
my mom


  1. These are beautiful - such wonderful colours. I love the sea in the moonlight. You're quite right, your mum is very talented.

  2. Beautiful paintings! I just love the colors.

  3. Hi Ruthie,

    one day I will visit Scotland, the country of my forbears, and I want to walk that winding path your talented mother painted...

    Happy days

  4. How proud you are of her :) It touches the heart! The same way her beautiful paintings do too. Now I see from where your talent springs...from your mother fountain :)

    (Hope you don't mind that I added a link to your blog on my blog's sidebar)


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