May 17, 2011

gothic splendor, times past & present. . .

On travels to see my lovely eldest lass in Bristol
there was time to visit awe inspiring Gothic splendor
St Mary Redcliffe church, Bristol
with its intricate lace like patterns, carved in stone so long ago
We found glowing stained glass, the sun streaming through
throwing jewel colours onto stone floors, worn by many feet.
How many generations past have gazed at these windows
trying to conjure the ancient tales they may tell?
Green men & gargoyles were tucked away
waiting, silently, to be found again.
Unrecognisable beasts curled ever in waiting
guarding the entrance against long forgotten evils.
Tortured souls gazing sightlessly from their broken columns
for how many moons have they looked down upon the throngs?
and waiting to inspire; bright, medieval colours & patterns
in painted panels, vaulted ceilings & mosaic floors.
I pondered the lives of the folk who created these so long ago.
Inspired i was indeed, by the intricacy, the brightness, the detail.
Inspired enough to finish, at last, my stained glass inspired foxy painting.
Thinking on the passing of time, as i dipped my brush in deepest blues.
Remembering those treasures folk have left behind, shrouded in mystery.
As i added golden stars to my midnight skies, i gave thanks.
Thanks that we have these treasures still,  linking back to the past,
to our ancestors, their skills, their imagination, their patience.
* * *
I am fleeing away far overseas, for a wee while to visit my precious niece,
Taking time out, my sister & I,  to holiday together with our lovely Mom,
The last time we all were together like this i would have been 16/17?!
How time does fly!!
When i return my foxes shall be sitting in my shop.
Wishing you all happiness & peace x x


  1. Beautiful & inspiring photos from the church, and I LOVE your foxy painting - so full of character!

    Have a wonderful holiday

  2. That's a lovely church - we stayed in a hotel just nearby a while ago on a weekend visit to Bristol. Lovely photos. And gorgeous painting. Enjoy your travels! Abby x

  3. Gothic. Tudor.
    My two favourite styles!
    Lovely post. I've missed you!

  4. Great inspiration from a wonderful church (been there.)
    Enjoy your travels. We will be in Scotland in a couple of days.

  5. Lovely painting! There's a peacefulness about the continuation of the shapes, colors and those wonderful faces. Terrific job!
    Enjoy your visit...

  6. your fox piece is awesomely wonderful! I love your colors, magical design and over all patterns, wow!
    Thank you also for sharing your photos, art of the ancients, quite wonderful - every detail. Lovely week to you Ruthie~

  7. Gorgeous and breathtaking post..and such beautiful art as always! Shine on!

  8. Gorgeous photos and an even more gorgeous fox painting! wow.

    Have a wonderful trip. xo

  9. A beautiful church with the gargoyles and were there any misericords? My father's family sailed from that area in the 19th century.

    Have a wonderful trip with your sister and mother!

  10. Wonderful - so detailed and intricate! Your foxes are great. Safe travels!

  11. Back in the 60's while serving with H.M Forces,we held a service in St Mary's.Great to see it again.
    Have a great holiday.

  12. Dear Ruthie,
    Lovely to see your great photo's of St Mary Redcliffe. Churches are often beautiful pieces of architecture with fascinating sculptures. The mosaic floor could easily be an Islamic tile design!
    It's good to see how you were inspired by your trip to Bristol and created the magical fox mandala. The painting would look wonderful printed up as cards!
    Welcome back to blogging again and spring blessings!

  13. Anonymous19/5/11 01:51

    Interesting tour Ruthie! Your art piece is beautiful and yes we should give thanks, well said. I wish you a wonderful trip and will check in with you again...
    Ta! Ta!
    Hugs Rosemary...XX

  14. Fantasic post- I certainly enjoyed your visual tour wonderful visions of an exquisite church- your foxy painting is an inspiration too hope you don't mind but when I find a blog and post that I find inspiring I post a link in my blog

  15. I always enjoy visiting old churches, they hold so much history and the skill of the craftsmen who lived so long ago is superb. I wonder whether they ever thought that people would still be admiring their work centuries later.

  16. do like your 'eyes'............

  17. Safe and happy journey to you. Love, love the Gothic imagery (oh my!) and how you applied it to your own art.

  18. Wow that paintings is so beautifully designed and I love all the intricate detail. I do see all those influences assimilated in your work. Very beautiful work!

  19. Everything here appeals, but those beasts are really marvelous.

  20. Fantastic painting and I love all the photos of the church! :) x

  21. I like nothing better than a wander round a church (admittedly one of a selection of things that I like nothing better than)and this one looks excellent.
    I have a poor record in Bristol - a few years ago I tried to go to the catherdral and couldn't get in. It was a Sunday and apparently they have things happen there on a Sunday - Churches! I ask you.

  22. What lovely photos of Gothic and Medieval splendour! Makes my heart sing! Particularly like the beasties! :)

  23. I love old churches and cathedrals and you have really brought this one to life. Beautiful.

  24. I love your inspired fox mandala!!! I'm such a mandala enthusiast and I love the white dot accent...something magical about dots : ) ... the aboriginal peoples know it too! Will it be on Etsy soon????

  25. Ruthie! Beautiful post! Love Gothic churches and this one is incredible. I too LOVE your mandala! It's gorgeous. I am cracking up my sister was your last comment from yesterday! :)

    Hope you have/had a wonderful reunion!
    Safe travels!

  26. How lovely, to have finished such an intricate design worthy of any Cathedral.

  27. Hi I found your blog via Witterings (Sandy) it looks just such a lovely place, I will pop back when I can and have a really good read :)

  28. Hey Ruthie, thanks for the castle details. Seeing such art tucked away in those nooks is a treat, like artistic vitamins! Love your inspired mandala with the foxes guarding north south east west. Fabulous.

  29. Hi folks, it's me, at last. Thank you all for your lovely words & holiday wishes, we had a spectacular time & i shall be sharing snippets very soon. x

    Alaine - there were, i my photos didn't come out so great sadly!

    Jim - its a small world, isn't it.

    Joanne - i thought that about the floor too, amazing how the patterns, designs & colours have travelled across the seas. I shall be taking your advice & making up my foxy into cards too x

    Johnina- not at all, thank you.

    Penny - I am hoping to get it in this week, fingers crossed ;-)

    Lucinda - i laughed when i saw you both posting one after the other, sisters, bless x x

    Valerie - thank you so much for that x

    Poppy - lovely to meet you, i shall come by & visit very soon.

    Richard - i love that - artistic vitamins, i think that phrase will get much usage here ;-)

    catch up with you all very soon x

  30. great photos,lovely trip!

  31. How wonderfully blessed to have this time with you sister and Mom.

    Be safe and have more fun than you can imagine.


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