January 12, 2011

Happy New Year . . .

The snow has thawed & greenery is peeping through
as, at last i step out into the world again
after chritsmassy hibernations.
My thoughts half filled with delicious memories
cosy fires, candles & candy canes,
pantomine laughter, presents galore.
Precious family times indeed.
I step excitedly back into my dusty studio.
A world of inspiration awaits me here.
Books to be read, threads to be stitched
collected treasures waiting to be drawn. A backward glance at the old year now past
and a while to reflect on ups & downs
Blessings to be thankful for & lessons to be learnt.
Then i turn my head and its foward i go
a list of to do's as long as my arm.
To spend more days painting & sketching
is there at the very topmost!
Last year was so filled with "other" things.
Now, old Sketchbooks full of odd scribblings
patiently wait & new projects jostle in line.
So excited, my etsy shop is just about finished!
I shall let you know as soon as.
* * *
I do so hope everyone had wonderful christmasses
and i am sending wishes for a bestest of New Years
x x x


  1. And the bestest of New Years to you too. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your photos here. You truly have presented a magical feast to enjoy. Thank you.

  2. What a lovely set of collages! Your studio definitely looks like a creative haven. All the best for 2011...

  3. happy new year
    if only the constant rain ...

  4. Happy New Year! It sounds as though you are really ready to go! I'm still in hibernation mode I'm afraid. I love that glimpse of the holly tapestry/cross-stitch. What a beautiful design.

  5. Smiles across land, sea, ice, sea, and more land. Hope this year is full of moss and bright skies and lots of foxes.

  6. Happy New Year to you! Beautiful collages :) Sounds like you had a lovely time. Look forward to seeing your new ideas. Abby

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  8. Your pictures and cheerful words are very encouraging to me this morning. Wishing you a very creative new year! :-)

  9. Beautiful collages, Ruthie! I look forward to peeking into your Etsy shop. Happy New Year! :)

  10. Happy New Year Ruthie!
    This is such a lovely post. It looks like you had a Moroccan Christmas with some beautiful Eastern treasures. :-)
    Did you have a good holiday?
    You have not mentioned your magical travels abroad.

    Your photos are wonderful and great news about you opening an Etsy shop soon!
    I have decided to be more disciplined creatively this year too. :-)

    All the very best for 2011.
    Jo. xx

  11. Gorgeous photos Ruthie, looks so wonderfully warm and inviting! My studio too, is rather dusty and in need revitalisation...I feel a bit as if I am too! It occurred to me the other day that if we are going to follow our country dream in the spring (September here), I'd better start sorting and packing NOW...15 years of being here and being a hoarder has accumulated a LOT of stuff!

  12. Dear Ruthie, thank you for the comment left on my Blog. What a blessing to have good friends like you! XO

  13. Hello lovely folks, i missed have you all x

    Hermes, i would always prefer the snow to any rain, its the grey skies ;-)

    Rowan, i did have to struggle coming out of my hibernation, i do admit x enjoy x

    Richard, thanks for those beautiful words, they paint a perfect pictures & made smile.

    Jo, i shall do a moroccan post next, promise, it has to have one all of its own, as it was so amazing. My home does seen to have gathered an ecclectic mix of eastern allsorts, i love the rich colours & patterns. It was thanks to you tresaure, that i am finally opening my shop, you spurred me on to get cracking, thank you x x .

    Christina, i was feeling dusty too, uninspired & tired, so am having a spring clean of myself lol. Your country dream is so exciting, yep i think a bit of packing sounds in order, good luck! The one good thing about it though is when the move is done it feels great to have had a sort out of things, u might uncover treasure x x

  14. Fantastic photos! I do feel like I'm coming out of hibernation now that the snow's melting and back to work.
    Hope you had a great holiday! :) x

  15. these are lovely photo collages, I love the cute little fox drawings in the last collage!

  16. Wonderful thoughts to begin a new year Ruthie,and such bright and cheerful images to accompany them.

  17. Lovely images! Such inspiring treasures.
    Still can't get over the shot of the path. Magic.

    My list is as long as my arm as well!

  18. Happy new year Ruthie. I love you collages

  19. Dear Ruthie, I too love the picture of the magical pathway!! Yet all your collage photographs remind me of a kaleidoscope of jewels, wonderful!

    Sending New Year Hugs and Happiness,
    Jane x

  20. Your collages are a shelter from the winter storm, so full of deep colors and the scent of pine! A New Year is always a rebirth of sorts, and a great chance for changes and finding new energy (funny how we need an assigned moment for that, but somehow we do :) I'm eager to see your Etsy shop, Ruthie! Take care & all the best xx

  21. Collages beautiful and inspiring. 'm very curious about your new work :)
    Wishing you a very inspiring 2011.
    Great weekend !

  22. your post overflows with the beauty of your life. Such sweet and welcoming art. I love the ladies dress! Always wonderful to have a peak into your world. Wishing you a sweet year that feels wonderful to you.

  23. Hi Ruthie,
    Hope you had agreat New Year.
    I love your photo's.
    M x

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  25. Ruthie,

    You are very talented. Your photography and art are lovely.

  26. What a beautiful new year's post. Your photos and poetry touched me. I had been absent for a long time, so I am just now catching up on the blogs I have followed. This is a good spot to end my day--well, it's actually 1:00 a.m. here in Connecticut, USA, but I am just going to bed. Just beautiful, Ruthie. Thank you.

  27. Fantastic pictures and amazing collages!!!!
    I like a lot this post!!!


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