November 23, 2012

Train travel & Glastonbury carnival

I love long train journeys, flying past hedges & houses, fields & forests. 
no distractions, time to think, to sit and read or just watch the world go by. 
Glimpses of inspiration, this time around all shrouded in mist. 
Time spent travelling far away from my quiet country lanes 
down to the bustling south for precious time with my lass. 
Time for catching up, planning Christmas days & get togethers.
We even squeezed in a visit to Glastonbury annual Carnival
 After tea, cake & a wander around the lovely town (with a vow to return)
we waited with 100's of others lining the streets, not knowing what to expect!
What a treat was in store, what sights met our eyes, well worth the wait.
 The largest illuminated parade of its kind in the UK and Europe.
 Entries from local businesses & folk from all around the region,
A spectacular parade of huge illuminated floats & wagons
decked with mechanical moving parts, amazing sets & piping music as they went
 fantastic costumes, mysterious creatures & such enthusastic people on board
  It was bright & bold & noisy & not my usual cup of tea at all.
But I loved it, so much to see & take in & every entry had a different theme.
An awful lot of hours and hard work had gone into everything.
 Themes ranged from Sweeney Todd to the Polar Bear Queen!
But my most favourite of all was  the "Dickens Christmas!

Huge moving characters and wonderful choreography.
Such an amazing effort, very magical & moving too.  
I think over 100 entries in total that took over two hours to pass by.

I had to share my wee video althought the quality is rather poor
I do hope you get a feel of the size of the puppets & the atmosphere created.
Very worth the trip to Glastonbury to see!
(If you click on the images above you can have a closer peep)
ps: A big hello to all my new followers too x 

More images from the parade can be found here 


  1. Wow! I have never seen anything like that before! So special! :)

  2. oh! those puppets are wonderful! that looks like a fabulous event, how lovely that you got to enjoy it! Lovely holidays to you Ruthie!

  3. What a time you had! And spent with your daughter, those are the best. I don't get to see mine often enough, so I treasure every moment that puts us together.

  4. Wow.. that looks quite spectacular - Those floats and puppets are HUGE!
    Glastonbury is one of my favourite places.. love it there.
    Glad you shared such a lovely time with your daughter :)

  5. Love the pictures and the video clip Ruthie that's a beautiful part of the world.
    As far as being the biggest illuminated parade of it's kind in Europe it's a toss up between Glastonbury and nearby Bridgewater, they try to outdo each other every year. Bridgewater wins the contest on continuity and age, it goes back to 1847 while Glastonbury started in 1854.
    I do know however that nowhere beats Somerset in November for fireworks and floats.
    I must visit again soon.

  6. What a truly magickal trip Ruthie!
    I loved the video of the huge puppets. :)

    So nice you were able to meet up with your daughter and have such a grand time together.

    Winter's Blessings to You and Yours!

  7. Wow!
    Double double WoW!!!!
    What alot of work went into that!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely lovely message today dear Ruthie, my day started with smiles when I read your lovely words and I envisaged those dreaming skies you described. You are such a lovely Sweetie... really! x in bed with your poor naughty back as well. OOh back ache isss rotton, I so hope that it is settling now.
    What a lovely time you sound to have had in Glastonbury it looks just magical, and I'm betting that it was an evening to save forever in your heart of hearts.

    Hug my lovely friend, dear Ruthie,
    xx Jane xx

  8. Ruthie,I love these B/W landscapes,somehow they exude the damp chill and smell of this cusp period between Autumn and Winter.The Glastonbury Carnival looks spectacular. I've always found visits to Glastonbury a bit like visiting Fairyland - it may wear off a little if one actually lives there!

    Happy weekend,

  9. So glad you all enjoyed the post about the parade, i have uploaded a few more image if anyone is interested, there is a link on th post. Thank you all for visiting x

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