July 22, 2011

Kirkcudbright art & Crafts trail . . .

In the nearby town of  Kirkcudbrigh from Friday 29th July - Monday1st August
there is to be held the 8th annual Art & Crafts Trail. 
Started by two very dedicated ladies Pauline Saul and Vivien Dania 
 it is an event to show the works of many  local artists & makers.
( My "Carrick Mermaid" was chosen to grace the trails map. ) 
I am exited to say that this time next week both Mom & I
shall be sat amidst our paintings, prints, cards & crafty things
in the lovely space we have been allocated on the trail. . .

in the newly re-furbished, light & airy basement of
"Rhubarb",  run by Daughter & Mum, Carolynne & Brenda 
situated at 1a Castle Street, opposite McLellans castle.
*         *         * 
Do come along, it would be lovely to meet friends old & new alike. 
See here for trail info & here to see a sample of Moms paintings.

and finally, as promised, some of my inspiration from my travels in Turkey 
A glimpse inside my sketchbook, at my fondness for pattern & symmetry 
Above are the final designs, now printed up as cards.
I found so much more information for my work at this amazing site
Well, really i have far to much to be doing to be sitting here lol
so i shall off until next time, but before i disappear i must just tell you
a couple of weeks ago I took another big step on this my creative journey
I gave up my day job completely & am now a fully fledged, full time, self-employed artist!


  1. Ruthie, your designs are exceptional, love them.
    And I admire your brave step and be a self employed Artist, I wish you all the luck !

  2. The trail sounds fascinating, and your inspired sketchbook is a fountain of delicious art!

  3. Oh Ruthie, congrats on taking the plunge... Hope it goes REALLY well for you (it should, your work is fabulous)!

    I could spend happy hours looking through your notebook.. cant describe how beautiful and intriguing it looks from the tantalising glimpses.

    Good luck with the trail - it sounds fun - and your mermaid looks great on the map!

  4. Looking forward to the trail myself - it'll certainly be getting a bit of attention over on my pages. See you at somepoint next weekend.

  5. Wow, such eye candy in your sketchbook! Fabulous ... and inspiring! LOVE the cards. The bottom right is my fave but they are all fantastic!

    Congratulations full time artist! Amazing news!

  6. Oh, Ruthie! These are just stunning! What a wonderful artist you are. WOW! I'm so glad your mermaid was chosen, too--congratulations!

  7. I like this travel inside your sketchbook ! Wonderful !



  8. Ruthie dearest,

    What an enchanting world you have here...your two blogs are a haven of creativity in such an AUTHENTIC FAIRY-LIKE WAY....we Americans dream of the ancient folklore from which YOU COME...oh what beauty here!

    Thank you for coming to visit my blog and leaving a kind comment. I am happy that you found my message...

    MANY THANKS AND ENJOY CRAFTING and creating..what would we do without dreams and courage to take us to the shores of BEAUTY?

    HAPPY DAY, Anita

  9. Helen - thank you, it is a little scary too!

    Faith - the trail is great, so many creative folk & so much going on all around the town, cant wait to be part of it.

    Deborah - thank you, i do love working in my sketchbooks, sometimes i much prefer the things i do there.

    Sandy - i shall be eagerly looking out for you post, you always put so much info in there ;-) see you soon.

    Lucinda - thanks, its good to get feedback to know which designs folk like. x

    Beth, so am i it was a really lovely suprise.

    Nathanaelle - thank you, lovely to see you here x

    Anita - thank you for all your beautiful inspiration, its worth the effort to reach the shore x x

  10. Hi Ruthie,the Carrick Mermaid makes the trail map a work of art all on it's own.Congratulations.I'll hopefully make it over on Friday.

  11. Oh, this takes me back. We were there on holiday a few years ago and did the trail - the best day of the holiday! Good Luck.

  12. Ruthie,
    I wish you a wonderful journey full of abundance as an artist. This is quite exciting.

    your art is so charming and I adore the card I bought from you, as have the people I sent them to.

    I wish I could go on the art adventure, I love things like this!

    Lovely day to you.

  13. your sketches are beautiful and the craft trail sounds wonderful. Have a lovely time!

  14. Hi Ruthie, somehow I missed this post when my computer died.... good luck with the forthcoming weekend, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun:) and congratulations on giving up the day job.... it'll be worth it :)
    Sue Xxx

  15. Hope it's going well for you. It was great to meet you and your husband on Saturday :)

  16. Hi Jim, you made it, was great to meet you properly at last, hope the walk went well, i shall pop over soon to find out.

    Catherine, thank you.

    Dear Tammie, thank you, so glad you are enjoying them. Wish tou could have been here x

    Juliet, thank you, we had a great time altogether, so interesting meeting so many, varied sorts of folks.

    Sue, hope your computer is fixed, i shudder at all the problems we had with ours last month. The weekend was so much fun. Im still getting used to the idea of having given up the "day" job lol x

    Kim, it did go very well, better than i could have imagined. It was great for us to meet you too. We didn't manage to get out and about more but it didn't matter so much as so many interesting folks came by.

  17. Ruthie, these cardss are exquisite. I love the Turkish inspiration. Congratulations on your transition to full-time artist!

  18. Your exhibition in "Rhubard" at the Kircudbright Arts and Craft Trail was fantastic! was very glad to have come across your work as I am sure you knew by the time I left. I absolutely adore the little fox print and have even written a wee story about it "The Fox in the foxgloves"
    Thanks again and remember you are welcome to the medieval craft club i mentioned anytime.

  19. Oh, how I would love to travel that trail. We have an artists trail similar to this nearby in the the Smokey Mountains. Somehow, I think I would enjoy yours a bit more. Love the artwork, you definitely have a unique style of your own, the thing we artists should all strive for.

  20. Maureen, thank you ;-)

    Cat, it was so lovely to meet you! Thank you for your words, so glad you are enjoying your painting, I am so intrigued to know more about the story!! Am going to pop over to "see" you x

    Jeri, It was a fab event, though I didn't get to see as much as I would have liked, wish you could have been there too. Thank you for your kind words, sometimes it is so hard not to be swayed from my style, but somehow it winds its way back x

  21. PS: dear Cat. so loving your work! I Cant find any way to contact you or leave a comment xx


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