July 04, 2011

entranced & distracted . . .

 I have been entranced & distracted
by such visions still dancing in my head!
For i have whiled away days in a quiet corner of Turkey 
with my dearest mom, lovely sister & little nephew, 
discovering such days of rest, stillness & quiet.
The smell of sweet scented pines & the sound of chirping crickets  
the vibrant colours of the flowers & the warmth of the local folk.
So many lasting memories, so many extraordinary sights we saw.  
 The ghost town of Kayakoy left me wanting to know so much more,  
with its elegant, crumbling church & ruins of homes  
a reminder of the saddest of times not so long past.
( i read "birds without wings" soon after,
alternately laughing & weeping through this tragic tale)
At the ruins of Kaunos we walked the steps of ancient Romans,
and gazed on mighty rock-hewn tombs far above our heads . 
 The hours ticked so much more slowly, or so it seemed to us,
time to re-discover old favorites & unearth new ones.
 Slowing down & catching up. 
the biggest thank you to my precious sister for so many cherished moments
 for the wonderful time away that then allowed me to remember afresh 
why i love coming home to these greenest of Scottish hills 
x x x 
the results of these distractions i shall share very soon  . . .


  1. Stunning, Ruthie. I would love to visit Turkey, never quite made it (only got as far as Greece). And I spot a favourite book of mine...and one I haven't read since I was a teenager! I must check my library to see if they have any Mary Stewarts, I adored her Arthurian series as a child...actually, I think I may even have 'The Last Enchantment'...somewhere!

  2. Such an amazing landscape. So different from Scotland, I'd think. Happy you had such a wonderful time!

  3. Sounds like such a lovely holiday. I have no doubt you found great inspiration in your adventure. :)

  4. A land dear to my heart! I lived many years on a Samos, Greece, an island only a mile off the coast of Turkey. I've spent much time traveling through Turkey and staring out at the sea from my Greek terrace seeing the distant Turkish coast. So ancient and vital, I wonder exactly where you were?

  5. Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos and memories! Looks amazing! ~Siobhan xo

  6. Some lovely pictures.

    After almost embarassing myself on a bus with Captain Corelli, I was rather braced for Birds Without Wings but it too has some tremendously sad pictures

  7. How wonderful it all looks, I'd love to spend some time in Turkey, all I've managed so far is a day trip from Rhodes. There is so much history there, I'd love to have the chance to explore as you did.

  8. It looks gorgeous, so nice to have you back.... intrigued to hear your next instalment :)
    Sue Xx

  9. Anonymous4/7/11 14:54

    Oh now I have itchy feet! Really interesting pictures - I especially like the one of the terracotta pots in the kiln, and the woman with the bright headscarf.

  10. Ruthie, your photographs are so enchanting, I feel tranquillity , peace and love.

  11. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Full of beauty, culture, relaxing, fun, art and most likely good food. Your photos are wonderful to see. Thank you for sharing your trip.

  12. Stunning photos Ruthie! It looks as though you had an inspiring time there and made many precious memories. I look forward to the results of your distractions!xx

  13. Enchanting post of a land so far away.I was reading your profile and was amazed we have so much in common:)Thank you for visiting me. Denise

  14. Hello there, Ruthie! THANK YOU SO MUCH for visiting my blog! I will now go see what other magical things you have on your other blog. I find it incredible that people do have this gift to see colors. I am a gray/white lover for my home décor, but splashes of aqua are my muse. Art is fabulous thing; it takes so much work to express what you see in your head so that the rest of the world can also see it!

    Peace, Anita

  15. Oh, what a wondrous trip to an ancient land... and I thought Scotland was old!

  16. mmmMMMmmm... sun and warmth and relaxation... :)

    Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog, by the way :)

  17. Oh, what wonderful photos Ruthie. Such a lovely post.xxx

  18. How lovely to spend precious time with your loved ones in such a beautiful place.

  19. Your holiday looks like a beautiful dream, Ruthie!
    All of your photos are enchanting. I wish I could visit Turkey now... I could do with a good holiday!

    Much love and summer blessings,
    Jo. xx

  20. A gift, blog traveling, pictures allow me to tag along.

    Thank you, for sharing.

  21. How wonderful!!! Thanks for taking us along and sharing your beautiful images! Love the camels! :)

  22. Hi Folks, only just catching up , things have been so busy here getting ready for the art trail.

    Christina, i have never yet been to Greece. Hope you found a copy of one of Mary Stewarts books, i so enjoyed re-visiting them.

    Janet, thank you x

    Pamela, yes very different, i love the contrast, and it makes me look at home with new eyes when i return.

    The Garden Ms.S - i found so much!

    Valerianna, we were staying near a small town called Sarigerme, up amongst the forest & the mountains. I did sense a strong feeling of the past still humming in the air.

    Siobhan - You are very welcome x

    Sandy - im intrigues how do you embarasse your self on a bus like that? ;-)

    Rowan - I could go back for more exploring at the drop of a hat. Some of the ancient ruins are hardly touched yet & so much to see.

    Sue - thank you, i missed blogging! is that bad lol

    Kitty - the lady in the headscarf was making us huge traditional turkish pancakes in an outside clay oven, we were in a tiny shaded grove miles from anywhere, it was amaazing.

    Helen - That was exactly how i felt after my time away, glad it rubs off. x

    Tammie - lots of great food too, i forgot to mention that.

    Jessie - thank you, some very precious memories & nearly 800 photos to sift through oops.

    Denise - lovely to see you here, thank you too.

    Anita - You are very welcome, thank you.

    Jeri - there was such a feeling of history at some of the places we visited, the air buzzed with it all.

    Kim, i visit your great blog often, am just not a great one for words too oft ;-)

    Jules - thank you .

    Valerie, it was very precious time.

    Jo - it was my first holiday in a long time, i had forgotten how tired i was lol

    Paul - thank you.

    The wild magnolis - so glad you enjoyed my travels, im looking forward to hearing of yours x

    Cobalt Violet - i loved th camels too, but wasn't brave enough to ride one, now i wish i had. Shall just have to go back x

    blessings to you all ruthie x x

  23. all your post are amazing,
    I really enjoyed!!!


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