November 09, 2010

Palaces & Peacocks . . .

Time out was so very long overdue
but at last we found ourselves travelling
North to Perth, the fair city, ready to explore. The beautiful sandstone "Scone Palace"
(pronounced sku'n ) was saved until last.
The crowning place of many ancient Scottish kings
amongst them, Macbeth & later Robert the Bruce in 1306
We stood & imagined the echoes of ancient voices at moot hill
as the kings sat upon the Stone of Scone
to receive their crowns. We strolled under the Autumn sun glittered on lawns
where once stood the village of Scone. Sadly landscaping in 1802
meant moving the whole village 2 miles away! The only reminders
now are the Mercat cross & mossy stones in the ancient graveyard.
We wandered amongst gardens discovering albino peacocks
stopped in at the coffee shop for warm drinks
& then tried to lose ourselves in the beech maze.
All in all a wonderfully relaxing weekend away.
Time out for Mr O & i, from all the other things
we find ourselves being from day to day.
x x x


  1. A beautiful montage of autumn images, Ruthie, it sounds like it was a wonderful weekend. Lovely drawing too! Keep inspiring..

  2. You must have had a wonderful time away delighting in such a beautiful and special place. I loved looking at all you photos so inspiring, thank you Ruthie.

    Have a beautiful day. xxx

  3. White peacocks and leafy mazes! What a wonderful little trip! I'm glad you have such a wonderful relaxing weekend. Those are the best. I wish I was sitting amongst castle ruins myself just now. sigh... This is the season the need to journey is especially strong.

  4. Oh, this place looks so very beautiful! And the white peacock...I love your little sketch also - so very creative and inspiring x

  5. What a lovely set of pictures.I never really appreciated Perth on my visits while growing up.Must get back soon.

  6. Beautiful sets of pictures! I love autumn time so much :)

    It's odd how landowners could just move whole villages - I know of one estate in N Ireland where that occurred; it's kept very quiet, the current trustees don't like to admit that it happened. It's still unfair!

  7. Gorgfeous pictures. I hope you are well? xxJ

  8. Sweet like rich chocolate from godiva...
    Running off my tongue like syrupy strawberry drippings...
    My Coco Chanel...a special blend...


  9. Lovely post with lovely collages. Very nice- thanks for sharing.
    Johnina :^A

  10. Oh! Magical white peacock, surely you are blessed!!

    Hugs Ruthie, wish I was in lovely lovely Scotland too.x

  11. Such inspiring photos. Love your sketch and the sentiments on the border. Wonderful.

  12. More lovely than any dream! Thanks for sharing your lovely adventure.

  13. I love seeing bits and pieces of Scotland. I feel a strange connection to the country although I've never been.Perhaps it is through distant ancestors of mine who lived in those castles and villages. I have been told that my state of Tennessee has a similar landscape, but alas, we have no ancient castles! Thanks for the photographic journey.

  14. beautiful drawings ruthie, love visiting your blog ;0)
    especially the half pencil, half water colour maiden in your previous posting- magical and inspiring...all your photographs too very special x

  15. Beautiful photo collages. Perth is a lovely place, isn't it?

  16. Hi Ruthie..super gorgeous post full of sparkling gems...a beautiful world you share!! magic!

  17. Oh wow, I am glad I came across you, and my art teacher told me years ago that Romanticism is dead, glad you've proved him wrong. Love your work. Tricia

  18. Thanks for your comments on my (new) blog! Yes, can't wait for the new baby. Your photos collages are lovely. I've never been to Perth, but it looks wonderful!

  19. You create beautiful paintings :)
    Love you nice blog.
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  20. Absolutely stunning photos. A perfect autumn collection.

  21. how nice that you got away and explored ancient realms of mystery.
    your art is wonderful!

  22. I have never been there! Thanks for the virtual visit. It's so beautiful and it really does look enchanted! My ancestors are from there so I have a good excuse to visit!

  23. It's lovely to get away without too much travel! We have a family heirloom; a pistol made in Perth - I'd love to know more about it but never will, unfortunately. Thank you for the lovely pics of your happy weekend away!

  24. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Love the pictures.

  25. beautifull pictures <3

    greets frim germany

  26. So much inspiration! We love the creativity you bring back with you after your journeys. :)

  27. It had been awhile since I visited, so glad to see your lovely blog again! Oh how I wish we could trade places for a bit. I was 15 when I had the privilege of visiting Scotland and I immediately fell in love!!! If I could figure our a way to...
    A) make a living there and...
    B) ship 50 plus cats over I would do it in a heart beat! It felt like home and forgive my fancifulness a home I have loved for many lifetimes. Glad you are out and about enjoying your beautiful homeland, Thank you for the pictures,

  28. So much beauty and ancient beauty!

    Thank you for sharing your travel!

  29. Dear Ruthie,
    I know what you mean about getting out and having a well deserved break... Work and a busy life can just take over too much sometimes!
    As always your photo's are wonderful and the palace looks very grand with white peacocks strolling around the grounds.
    I also love your gentle drawing of your inner self. Beautiful!
    Winter blessings and love,
    Jo. xx

  30. Hi Ruthie, hope you are well. I didnt know how else to contact you - I think there`s a problem with your website... When I go there I cant see any writing. There are dots where the menu is on the left, when I click them it takes me to pages. theres just no written info at the moment - thought I ought to mention it.
    best wishes
    Deborah x

  31. I used to live in Perth and love the place. ironically I've never been to Scone - just driven past. Looks wonderful.

  32. I love Perthshire! I live down near Dunblane, but would love to move that little further north! Strangely though I've never been tp Scone, though I really should, maybe next year I'll go on a trip there. You take such wonderful photographs! :) x


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