October 28, 2009

stolen time & the tale of a stolen child . . .

two weeks have disappeared in a blurry eyed haze
whilst i have mostly slept & dreamt the strangest of dreams
for the oddest of bugs knocked me right off my feet,
leaving me feeling as giddy as a . . .goat??
a wonderful excuse (whilst recovering) to catch up on reading
to doze & doodle & drink endless cups of tea

i discovered this hauntingly beautiful book, the stolen child
an ethereal tale of changelings hidden deep in the woods.
i was reminded of the beautiful poem by william yeats
& of course one of my most favourite & wonderful songs
of the same name by loreena mckennitt
a sweet surprise parcel arrived on my doorstep too
from a dear blog friend, jasmine of natures whispers
it brought such a smile to my face for in it were
this delicate felted tree made from natural fibres & dyes
& a bundle of other thoughtful lovelies,
a knot work purse, heather & shells & all sorts
do visit her blog for a peep at some of her beautiful work
* * *
oh my, its so good to be back
x x x


  1. Glad you are feeling better, Ruthie - no fun being sick. The book sounds very interesting and what a wonderful gift from Jasmine!

    As I was reading your post, I caught a view of a border collie on the right of the blog - so, naturally, I had to wander over to your Flickr page. What a great sketch of the most wonderful breed in the world, from a very biased "slave" of a border collie!

    Keep feeling better!

  2. Sounds like a bug I wouldn't mind catching...especially if it beckons such wonder to your door! Not really, of course...being sick stinks, I know. But I did love that photo of my favourite magazine with the tea cup on top!

    So happy you are feeling better!

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better now.

    Jasmine's work is stunning.

    Love Renee xoxo

  4. Love your wonderful art and sketches you have been creating. You are so good at beautiful patterns.
    Love felt art too, so warm and cosy.

  5. So glad you are feeling better :)

    I love your sketches. I am always in awe of people that can sketch neatly and small too. I take over the page and its often messy.

    I will look that book up.

    J xox

  6. Love your dancing girls, Ruthie. Will go and look at Jasmine's work.

    Keep warm. xa

  7. Beautiful sketches, lovely links, sweet pictures, I always enjoy visits here, and also I am pleased the bug has departed. Take care. X

  8. Sorry to hear you were under the weather. It does seem to have inspired you. Your sketches are lovely.

  9. I am glad you are not sick anymore, love your painting and sketches and your book is interesting.

  10. You have turned something rather awful into sounding like a delightful idyll! love your artwork and the felted items! stay well!

  11. Sorry you were under the weather, Ruthie. Hope the sun casts you some extra sun beams. Lovely dancing girls, and the collie just about jumps off the page!

  12. Hi Ruthie,
    Sorry to hear you have not been feeling too well. There are some strange bugs flying around at the moment!:(
    I'm glad to hear you are feeling much better now though.;)
    Your post is really lovely and your drawings look a bit more than just doodles... They are wonderful!
    I was so pleased to see we like the same poem... The Stolen Child by Yeats...Have you listened to the song, The Stolen Child by The Waterboys?
    Loreena Mckennitt is such a great singer. I'm glad you enjoyed The Mummer's Dance.
    Jasmine's work is special. I'm only just getting to know her and her beautiful design's...
    Lovely to see you again!;)

  13. Just discovered your delightful blog.....wondermous 'doodles' and lovely writing. Looking forward to visiting here often...thanx!

  14. Oh - forgot to tell you...I also read "The Stolen Child" and loved it! :)

  15. I'm so glad you're better. Have missed your blog so much! The five dancing girls are lovely.

  16. such a lovely post, overflowing with treasures .I have Lorena's song filling my wee cabin as I write this. Thank you. Jasmine's art oozes with magic and charm.... such a lovely gift.

  17. Hi Ruthie, sorry to hear you've not been well but it sounds as though you've still been so productive! I've only just discovered the wonderful voice of Loreena mcKennit and I find her and her music very inspiring. Jasmine's tree looks beautiful. I shall go to visit her blog! :)xx

  18. Sorry you've been unwell, I hope you are feeling better. Lucky you for getting such wonderful gifts. Keep enjoying the tea and books. I smiled at your dancing girls.

  19. Hope you're feeling better now Ruthie.Having succumbed to some of the strange maladies present here in South West Scotland,you have my sympathy.
    Funny you should mention Loreena McKennitt,a few weeks ago i listened to some of her great music on Jango.

  20. So sorry to read that you have been ill but glad to hear you're doing better now!

  21. Ruthie - I am so sorry you were ill. Do you think it was the swine flu?

    I will have to check out The Lost Child. But the book I love is your sketchbook. How interesting!

  22. Sorry you've been poorly, but you spent the time well, your doodles are lovely. Hope you feel back to your old self soon.

  23. Hi Ruthie,
    i hope your feeling better now, i have weird dreams when im ill! fliss xx

  24. Dear friend I think I forgot to tell you how much I love your dancers. They look like they are doing the fling.

    Love Renee xoxo

  25. Anonymous3/11/09 11:15

    So glad you are feeling better, and what lovely goodies from your friend Jasmine ... :0)

  26. Sorry to hear about your not feeling well, hope your fighting fit by now. Sometimes great ideas come when we are resting.
    Country Living I know so well, but will have to search out the story book.

  27. Hello dear Ruthie, your Roma folk on top is fantastic, she looks like she could walk out of the picture.

    How is the new store?

    Love Renee xoxo

  28. Oh my! thank you all so for all your wonderful comments!! and i am feeling so very much better now, just got lots of catching up to do, & shall visit you each and every one in turn as soon as i can x x Ruthie

  29. Sends get well hugs!Hope you are all better now :)
    This was a lovely post..your magazines & teacup make me feel right at home! lol

    I have to add that book to my wishlist now :) xx

    (Loreena McKennit..my favourite kind of music!!:) )

  30. Thank you for that book recommendation. I've put it on my wish list.

  31. Cindy - so glad you enjoyed the book, i couldn't put it down!! ps thank you for the lovely comments & for visiting, hope to see you again real soon x do you have a blog of your own?

  32. Anonymous6/11/09 11:52

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  33. Anonymous6/11/09 21:29

    I'm sorry to hyou have not been feeling well. Fun to see some of your doodles, I would love to be artistic and have my doodles look that wonderful.
    That felted tree is beautiful, it might inspire me enough to try playing around with some of that technique.

  34. Hi Ruthie, Nice that your are feeling better.
    That book looks yummy, think I'll check it out at amazon. Looks like a good winter read.

  35. I hope you are well recovered from your bug now, sounds as though you were really poorly. I must investigate the book, I haven't come across it before.

  36. Poor Ruthie, was it the dreaded swine flu?

    I do hope that you are up and running. xxx

  37. Ruthie I got The Stolen Child on cd from the library and listen to it when I wander in my car. Thank you for the suggestion. I am completely enjoying it!

  38. Do what you love - i should love to try felting too, i love the efects that can be achieved & also love the idea of using natures bounty to produce the colours.

    acorn moon - it wasn't swine flu, goodness knows waht it was, a virus of some kind! makes me appreciate all the more being well & back on the go x

    Tammie Lee - what a fab idea, i love listening to stories like that. x

  39. какая красота спасибо вам

  40. Sergey, thank you for your comment

  41. Country Living is my favourite magazine. Bought that same copy last week, so expensive here as it's imported... I'm off to read it in the bath now :)

  42. I've been thinking of reading the stolen child for a while now but haven't got around to it. You obviously enjoyed it, so I'll look for a copy and give it a go.


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