October 13, 2009

shetland and back . . .

home again from the far off shores of shetland
from days filled with music & wonderful hospitality
Mr O playing with irish fiddler manus mcguire
my oh so talented lovely sister -in -law marie fielding
days filled with wonderful scenery
wide open skies & regal seas
peat filled valleys & ruin strewn hills
with wee sturdy shetland ponies
and curious seals watching from afar
with centuries of history to discover,
from iron age brochs to ancient crofts
pictish carved runes to viking buried treasures
we stayed with the sweetest lady, Harriett
who shared her home & her deep love of the island & made our stay a joy.
* * *
travelling here & there these past few weeks, such things i have seen & heard
but i have missed our wee home & cosying in front of the fire
my fingers are itching to get back to the studio
* * *see more of my shetland photos here
& others shetland photos
here to visit the shetland museum


  1. Sounds like you had a similar break to me :)

    Did you change your comment settings? I can leave comments again :)

  2. Beautiful view of the water and the cutest pony ever!

    Sounds like a wonderful trip :)

  3. Looks and sounds wonderful! Did you see any Selkies while there?

  4. I would so love to go Shetland (although I've heard you have to travel by mail plane?!) We studies several Shetland sites in archaeology lectures last year - but it just wasn't the same as seeing them in real life :)

  5. Hi, I have been following Your blog for a while and just wanted to say hello! Sounds like a great trip to me with the special nature and all that music.I love folkmusic of any kind. I have recently started to learn how to play the diasonic accordion. You make awsome art and I read Your other blog too with interesting artist.
    regards Liisa from Sweden

  6. Hi Jasmine, so lovely to see you can comment again, we did have similar breaks it seems, im finding it hard to get back into the swing of things & have a middle ear infection which has knocked me for 6 hmmm.

    The Garden Ms S. - they were cute those ponies & they were everywhere! i had to stop several times couldn't resist.

    Delphyne - lovely to "meet" you, i thought i might have spotted ane or two peeping out over the waves! they move so quickly . . ;-)

    Kitty - i was so excited when i found out we were off to shetland. The plane was a wee 32? seater, and i hadn't looked forward to that bit, but it was fine & oncei settled in really enjoyed the flight, it took us about an hour and a quater. so worth it to visit such a fascinating place. x

    ottilias - hello, its wonderful to meet you. thank yu for your lovely comments. i too love folk music, though i cannot play a note on anything, i should love to! good luck with the accordian, it is an amazing sound. we had the pleasure of listening to accordianist gary blair play whilst in shetland - amazing, i especially loved the russian folk set he did. x

  7. I'd love to go Shetland someday. Up until now I had never actually thought that Shetland ponies came from there!

    There is something wonderful about live music, I am especailly fond of traditional folk music and often wished that I could sing or play an instrument like your sister-in-law.

  8. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. Never been to Shetland myself but would love to. I know a pony that looks just like your photo and he's a little devil.

  9. This looks so beautiful. We lived in Scotland for over 20 years but I never got as far north as the Shetlands. Maybe one day. . .

  10. Sounds like delightful trip. Perfect photos. Add this to my must see list...

  11. Ruthie, what an incredible journey you've been on! Thank you for sharing. I've bookmarked the music sites to go back for further reading and those brochs are really fascinating; bookmarked under 'architecture', one of my faves.

    Enjoy your Scottish winter!

  12. That looks like a most magical trip! What amazing scenery, and sounds like very lovely people. What a cute pony too! Keep exploring!

  13. Hi Ruthie. Hope you're feeling much better by now. I've heard that thing about ear infections being difficult to treat because the antibiotics travel in the blood stream of which there isn't a lot in ears, so hope it's clearing up. Your photos are excellent, especially of the Viking exhibition. I envy you having been able to go and all the things you did.

  14. Oh, how wonderful, to be able to go to the Shetlands with very little travel time (I mean, compared to me - LOL!) I just loved that photo of the Shetland pony. If I ever get to Scotland I will definitely look you up.

  15. Hi Ruthie,
    Your visit to Shetland looks and sounds wonderful. I love Irish and Folk music. I can't stop tapping my feet when I hear some Celtic tunes. I think it is fairy music because it can be so hypnotic.;)
    The little pony is really cute and woolly. I could just cuddle him...
    Beautiful photos as always.
    Thank you for your visit. I'm still sorting out my Etsy shop!
    I have been away for a few days too.
    See you soon.
    Jo May.xx

  16. All beautiful dear heart.


  17. Valerie - i feel very lucky that i got to visit shetland - i love live music too, and there was certainly plenty of that.

    Chris - those ponies do have a roguish look about them as if they could be real rascals.

    Karen - hope you do get there one day!

    Richard - is your must see list growing as fast as mine!! shall have to live to be 120 at least lol

    Alaine - i do hope you enjoy the listening!

    Do what you love - it was, very magical!

    Hi Lizzie - feeling much better thanks, im on sea sickness tablets lol!!

    julie - i shall be waiting with the kettle on x x

    Joanne - i agree very faerie! so looking forward to your shop!!

    Renee - thank you treasure x x x

  18. What a treat! Those landscapes and music!

  19. I've never visited the Shetlands partly because I know I couldn't cope with the sea crossing! Now I know that it's possible to fly I shall have to investigate the possibilities as it looks and sounds wonderful. I love the sound of the fiddle playing Gaelic music too, hearing it live must have been a marvellous experience. Hope your ear infection is better now.

  20. What a very talented family! I'm listening to Marie's music as I write this, so lovely!It sounds as though you've had a wonderful inspiring time :)x

  21. Nice pics and nice post!

    Well Done!!

    Greetings from Mexico City

  22. Hi again Ruthie,
    I know what you mean about Loreena's music. It is very inspirational...
    Yes. I did get to see the exhibition. All I can say is, wow... What talent and so much detail!
    Good to see you again sweetie.;)
    Love, Jo.x

  23. It looks as though you had a wonderful time! Home is always home though....

  24. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Living at the opposite end of the country, I really enjoyed BBC4's Scottish Season - missed the start sadly - 'Cloudies & Cream' and 'Tweed'. Such magnificent scenery. BFN. Lesley
    PS Thanks for visiting my blog - you're right Ruthie, they are sea urchin fragments.

  25. That is so my kind of holiday. Although it would be hard not to smuggle a pony or two back in my suitcase!


  26. sounds like a fab trip!


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