October 07, 2009

magical faerie wedding

deep in the forest tricia fountaine
weaves her magical spell
with costumes & flowers & love
for a peep at this fantasy faerie wedding
tiptoe over for a visit to
or see more stunning work
of event organiser tricia at


  1. intriguing and creative! off to check out your links.

  2. Why can't we dress like this all the time?

  3. Anonymous8/10/09 05:36

    These are just amazing!!! So amazing I posted some on blog as well. I hope you don't mind! Thank you also for the link to the gypsy pictures. I have really enjoyed looking through them. Some are heartbreaking and some make want to get up and dance. Your blog is always such a lovely place to visit. Thank you so much Ruthie!

  4. Hi Ruthie, thank you so much for your lovely comment. It has taken me too long to visit you and dream away with your beautiful blog photo's and art. You have such an eye for beauty and quality. Always a pleasure to be here.
    Have a great creative day Ruthie, you a star!

  5. This is absolutely wonderful. It seems to me quintessentially British. I doubt there are many American weddings like this. They all seem to be Bridezillas over here. Thank god I didn't behave like that 35 years ago. I even refused to register for wedding gifts.


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