October 01, 2009

a celebration of creation . . sue symons

we couldn't visit bath & not the abbey
a stunning sight, with ceiling to giddily gaze at
but such an extra treat waited around a cornera mouth watering exhibition of works by sue symons60 glorious illuminated pages, her new book
"a celebration of creation"
hours & hours (7000 in fact) of detailed loveliness
embroidered borders & painting pages

intricate designs & sumptuous colours
beautifully celtic inspirations

depicting plants, animals, insects and
"the beauty and wonder of creation"
each page telling such tales, i could gaze for hours!
to purchase a book of these works
or learn more about sue see here* * *to see many more wonderful images of sue's work
see here on denise's blog and here for
"The Bath Abbey Diptychs"


  1. How beautiful, the sycamore seed is amazing.

  2. Oh gee, these are amazing.
    How large are they? And wouldn't they make incredible quilts!! (Question...The butterflies...are then needlepointed? I once did a couple of needlepoint pieces from charts, and they look so much alike.)

    I'll quit yammering you with questions and just go check out her site!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this stunningly beautiful work.


  4. Scrumptious colors. Thanks for sharing this, Ruthie.

  5. Anonymous2/10/09 14:20

    Thank you for this, I didn't know of her or about her work which is wonderful & I'm going to see if I can acquire the book.

  6. Hello Ruthie

    This is the most beautiful work of skill and love and imagination...I followed all your links, thank you, and enjoyed learning about the work. I think I now need the book to savour...

    thanks you for sharing this treasure with us...

    Happy days

  7. Wow, they are truly incredible! Ruthie, I'm becoming a big fan your 'faerietale of inspiration' site...so many gorgeous things to look at and so much wonderful, inspiring creativity from all over the world! Your red-haired gypsy girl makes me think of a painting I did a couple years ago, maybe they're twins?! You can have a look if you like, at:


    Keep the creativity flowing, it's inspiring to see other busy mums managing to find time for the things (other than our kids!) that make their hearts sing...keeps me believing I can do it too!

  8. Oh these are beautiful, how wonderful they must be in reality :)


  9. Hi Ruthie,
    Wow... Stunning work. The detail and colours are amazing!
    I have not seen this exhibition yet in the Abbey. I will go and see if it is still there next week.
    As usual, you have created a lovely post. Great photos and words.
    Thank you for stopping by.;)
    It has taken me a while to except being a redhead, because when I was at school I had such a difficult time with kids teasing me!
    I feel red hair is more excepted in Scotland and Ireland. I sometimes wish I lived in Scotland. Such a beautiful place to live!

  10. Chris - isn't it, i loved that sue used other things in her embroidery.

    Pamela - each piece was approx A3 size, slightly larger67. The butterflies were incredible, the border was embroidered, the others painted, such incredible detail. The whole exhibition i found quite overwhelming for the dedication & skill that had gone into each page.

    The Garden Ms S - just what i thought wow!!

    Liz - i hadn't heard of Sue before either , i hope you manage to get hold of a copy! you too Delwyn x

    Christina- thank you so much for your words! I have been for a peep at your work & am hooked, beautiful!! And twin gypsies indeed they are!!

    Yarrow - they were incredible in real life, the colours glowed

    Joanne May - It is stunning work. Do hope you catch the exhibition x

  11. Good Heavens, I am speechless!

    How extraordinary, thanks for showing us.

  12. Symons artistry is absolutely breathtaking!!!

    Thank you for introducing me to her:)

    You always share such extraordinary findings. Thank you!!!



  13. So much beauty and wonder.


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