June 02, 2009

old friends & new ventures . .

last week was an oh so busy week
full of the most precious surprises
after 12 years, an emotionally wonderful visit
from a long lost, dear to my heart friend
lots of teary eyed catching up
discovering old memories we shared
forgotten similar tastes, & new passions . . .
for deliciously, stuffed to the ceiling old bookshops
for quiet evening strolls along the gold tinted shore
finding unexpected carefully hidden lapwings treasure
. . . later, sad goodbyes & heart felt promises to keep in touch
then, daughters lovingly packed anniversary celebrating picnic
shared by clear water lochs, with our nearest & dearest
and a new venture begun . . .
with my very own oh so talented mom (see here!)
a family open studio, 3 generations "the red-den"
for "redden" is our family name
opening date (hopefully) the beginning of july!!!
the countdown begins
i think i may be rather distracted for a wee whileX X X
thank you so for all those wonderful anniversary congrats
i have missed visiting all my most favourite blog places!!


  1. Anonymous2/6/09 15:17

    What a special week! Can't wait to hear more about your 3 generation show!! Very cool :-)

  2. great little story. love the photos. Your mom's paintings are very lovely. looking forward to hearing more about red-den.

  3. I LOVE your mother's work. What an exciting time for you all and a clever name for the studio. Best wishes. LBx

  4. Wow, what a great time for you. I blogged about your blog....hope you have many new visitors!

  5. How thrilling! I took a peek at your mom's paintings - lovely!

    You must all be very proud :)

  6. ladybug - it was moms idea for the studio name, its so cool!

    Kimberley thank you so for the award!

    the garden MS M. - i am very proud of my mom, she is a true inspiration to me, an amazing lady all round and a wonderfully creative arty person too

  7. It looks as though you had a lovely inspiring time. I can smell that wild garlic in the top picture! Your mum's paintings are beautiful, how lovely to have all the generations together and so very talented. Good luck with the Red-Den!x

  8. Sounds like a great week - that bookshop looks just my kind of place! I followed the link and your mum's paintings are beautiful, such wonderful colours. I especially like the moonlight on the sea - a very talented lady.

  9. This is going to be precious! Can't wait

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  11. A lovely week indeed. I would give my shoes to spend a rainy afternoon in that cluttered bookshop! My idea of heaven!

  12. Anonymous5/6/09 07:06

    This sounds exciting! Hope everything goes well.

    And I love that second picture! I'd love my house (well maybe just one room) to look like that! And I'm sure that garlic smelled great :) Earlier in the week I had to eat my lunch in the middle of a large patch of wild garlic - we could actually begin to taste it, the smell was so strong!

  13. oh good luck!!!!
    that book shop looks fantastic i could spend a year in there!!!

  14. Hello,
    I have just enjoyed a leisurely stroll about your blog, so so lovely. Thank you for sharing our worlds charm.

  15. What a lovely heartwarming post, how nice that you share so much with friends and family. Your mum is very talented as is her daughter.

  16. Congratulations on your new shop and I hope that we can see some of the things that your talented family will be offering.

    Your blog is amazing.

    Happy anniversary, and your Mom looks beautiful.

    Renee xoxo

  17. your blog is absolutely beautiful! I can hardly wait to come back.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful things with us.

  18. HI jessie & kitty - its is wonderful to walk along the lane & smell that wild garlic!!

    Pamela & felicity, i could spend all week in that bookshop!!
    acornmoon , thank you , i am very lucky to have inherited a little of moms talents, she is an amazing lady.

    tammy lee & grace, lovely to "meet" you, thank you for your lovely words x

    Renee, i shall certainly share a peep or two into the new studio & its wares when it is finally up & running!

  19. Hi there Ruthie.
    You have just won an award!:)
    Please feel free to collect it from my blog if you wish.
    Thank you for all your great comments and for supporting me as a newbie blogger!
    Best wishes. Jo.x:)

  20. P.S. You deserve this award for your very lovely art work and photos!:)

  21. This is simply great..I really loved the photos !! Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

  22. Anonymous11/6/09 19:06

    Hi Ruthie, lovely to visit you blog and see you having so much fun. Your mom looks lovely and so talented!
    Arty genes for sure!
    Wish you all the best!


  23. Hello From Michigan. Your Mum paintings are truly truly beautiful. Obviously you have your Mum talents too. My sweeties husband family comes from Scotland. Hugs Judy


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