May 09, 2009

the willow tree, enchantment & mystery . . .

my thoughts have been full of all things willow
whilst i finished my may day painting . . .
the celtic tree calendar for which willow represents the fifth month
as the tree of enchantment & moon magic
remembering that in celtic lore the willow's stone is moonstone
i love my moonstone & the colour that shimmers in the light
reminded of my lovely, talented friend Ray
who collects old pieces of willow pattern wanting to watch again the fantasy film"willow"
one of my old favouritesloving the humour & mischief in this
wonderful adaptation of the "wind in the willows "
* * *
such a huge thank you to all those comments & suggestions for my shoulder!!
great news -finally after 3yrs, lots of physio, injections etc i am a step closer - CAT scan coming up
if that doesn't work - it seems like acupuncture is the next step!
have a grand weekend all x x


  1. Anonymous10/5/09 01:00

    I love your May Day painting :-) And thanks for all the fun willow links. Willow is also the Spirit name of my babe in waiting ;-).

  2. I loved that production of Wind in the Willows!! One of my favourite stories. I so identify with all those little house proud creatures.

    Lovely weekend to you!

  3. Anonymous10/5/09 09:03

    Wonderfully detailed painting! I didn't know that about willow and moonstone - I bought a pair of moonstone earrings the other day. Those are lovely big slices of it in yours jewellery! If you're ever in Edinburgh (and don't already know about them) there is a lovely "chunky-stone" jewellery shop in Cockburn St, and another (called "The Cat's Miaow") on Leith Walk.

  4. I love how you've illustrated your thought process and one pretty thing begets another. Willow is beautiful - lovely details. I want her dress!

    Thanks for the movie info. I've not seen that one.

  5. I really ie this image, so colourful. I found this blogger that I thought you may like - check out Two Left Hands. I'm following Two Left Hands and think you'll be interested in it as well. To check it out, follow the link below:

  6. Beautiful painting Ruthie :) I love the willow tree and the enchanted willow moon's associated colour - purple!

  7. Ruthie, when I wrote about willows the other day I did not know they were the tree for the fifth month. Love your gorgeous painting. I collect blue and white china but I have only one blue willow plate. There is a children's book called "Blue Willow" that I just love. And Kristen so loved the movie "Willow".

  8. Jumbleberryjam - wilow is such an enchanting name for a babe in waiting x Kimberley - thank you!!
    Pamela - me too!! Kitty - i cant wait to visit edinburgh now!!! Medieval muse - thank you, i would love to wear clothes like this all the time. Hi Han, that link sounds intriguing thanks toots x x Jessie - i didn't know about the purple!! thank you . Julie - how amazing you blogged about willow too! i adore collecting blue & white x

  9. Lovely work, you have a designer's eye for composition and an illustrator's eye for detail.

  10. acornmoon, thank you! that is a compliment indeed x

  11. Anonymous12/5/09 14:04

    I have always loved the graceful willow, with all it's mystical, medicinal, and creative uses.
    Your illustrations is a very lovely tribute to the willow.
    Good luck with the CAT scan
    Sending healey thoughts x

  12. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this willowy post! :^)

  13. Your May Day painting is beautiful. Oddly enough I caught a re-run of the Wind in the Willows film the other week, it's the first time I've seen it and I enjoyed it very much. Have always loved the book.

  14. Sumea thank you for those lovely healy thoughts ( i have to wait for 8wks 1st!!).

    Willow - so lovely to see you here, and on such an aptly named post too!

    Rowan, how amazing that you just got to see the film! i haven't watched it in ages! mmm now ther is a thought x

  15. When I was holidaying in Ireland, I loved the gorse around us.
    The willow pattern reminds me of the legend,of the lovers chased by the maiden's mandarin father.


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