May 21, 2009

isle of skye magic . . .

we are home safe & sound from our travels. . .
wonderful images & brilliant colours burning in my memory
* * *
. . . i was so unaware of the delicious treasures that awaited as
we two travellers set out on just the most perfect morning
passing ever more beautiful scenery, we travelled northward
stopping a while by loch lomond with its monster hidden deep
and there we were, sailing over the sea to skye & i remembered
grandma singing us the skyeboat song all those many years ago such breathtaking scenery everywhere we turned the giant cuillin mountains (can you see the tiny cottage!) and magical, picture perfect peaceful bays
* * *
... i know, enough already. . . . i shall stop for now, but tomorrow. . .
i shall show you precious treasures we found!!!!


  1. Anonymous22/5/09 03:18

    Breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your photos :-)

  2. How interesting! I have always heard of this isle and thought of it as a romantic and ancient place.

    Look forward to hearing more!

  3. that's so gorgeous. i'd love to visit there someday!

  4. The colour of that sea. And it looks so wild and yet perfect.

  5. Thank you for sharing this wild, natural beauty. Wasn't there talk a while back about changing the name of the Isle of Skye to something else? Perhaps only the Gaelic?

    I so want to visit the outer isles.

  6. What a beautiful place, Ruthie. I'll look forward to more photos and treasures.

  7. Those are wonderful and I would love to see more photos of your travels and treasures!

  8. Great scenery. Yes, I remember singing ' The Skye Boat Song' in school when the nuns were teaching in the convent. Aaah.. those good ol' days!

  9. Amazing pictures, thak you!

  10. Anonymous14/6/09 08:26

    These pictures are so beautiful! I visited Scotland few years ago and spent some unforgettable days in the Orkney Islands. I hope I can return someday to visit Skye... I'm looking forward to visiting your blog often!


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