March 31, 2009

a tale of olde . . of love & magic

my allegorical illustration for my Mr O -click on image to view in detail * * *
with no notion
not the smallest inkling . . .
she wended her way into the birthday merriment
not knowing that quiet magic was in the evening air
that those fates had already woven their precious spells
It happened on this night of starry nights not so many years ago.
a magical fairytale of olde, full of unsought beginnings,
undreamed of happiness, a perfect moment of rightness.
just as the story says, it was love at first sight
so very unbidden, so very right
so she met her Sir Owen
her mighty oak
* * *
(to think i so very nearly stayed at home x )


  1. Did you paint that gorgeous plate with the name Owen on it? The colors are stunning!!!

  2. Thank you Diane - i did indeed pain this, paintings with allegorical meanings are one thing that i love to do

  3. Well I'll be... That is some mighty fine illumination there missy! Hehe, is that real cinnabar for the red? Stunning work!

    Eric in Texas

  4. *sigh* - lovely story. Lovely painting. Thank you for sharing.


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