March 13, 2009


intricate swirls on a delicate shell
a faerie tale path
winding round a snow covered brae


  1. I am thrilled to have heard from a Scottish blogger. And then to find that you are a wonderful artist - well, I must put you on my sidebar. I will definitely purchase your work once you open your etsy shop.

    What part of Scotland are you from? I don't know how long you have been reading my blog but two years ago my second cousin Shirl from Golspie "discovered" me and consequently the rest of us ND Munros so I am finally connected to my Scottish heritage.

  2. Oh just look at that texture! I want to reach out and touch it!x

  3. Thats incredible, i love it, its so shiny:-)

  4. Julie - hello its great to see u over here! thank you for being my first prospective virtual customer X wonderful that u got to find ur scottish ancestors like that!!

  5. I love those shells. Wonderful photo.


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