March 23, 2009

a poem of love & faerie's

It was an ordinarily hazy summers morn, when i opened this particular e-mail
sent to me, whilst i sat at work, from my dear Mr O, written by him, just for me.
As i read those words written on the page, my heart filled to bursting,
so beautiful, so unexpected, so very precious. . . should i share it with you
i think i must - they are too beautiful to keep hidden  . . .
" The shade over the forest was perfect,
 hazy hues of green swooping and gently swaying to nature's music over my head,
 a velvety canopy back-lit by the mid-summer sun,
 sparks of warm light randomly piercing the forest floor,
 the heady aroma of soft springy moss still sparkling with fresh dew.
i imagine resting with her up there;
 sharing wonderful tales of the elves, pixies and faeries
she knew; all of them her friends.
 i just knew that she would easily convince me of their existence
as we lay together, her sweet lips pressed to my ear,
uttering bewilderingly beautiful descriptions of 'the little ones',
 whispering lest they should hear! all the sketches,
the books and cards, the magical words, the gnarly trees -
 all of it so real as she lovingly and patiently
painted the canvas of my imagination...........
...... then, as she delicately sketched
a clutch of tiny mushrooms and wild flowers, i saw it!
 my heart jumped but i couldn't speak!
 the pointy ears were barely visible beneath the jaunty little blue hat,
 jet-black wispy hair billowing as the bejewelled dragonfly
 effortlessly powered the curly maple leaf down the crystal brook.......
 he scrabbled in the air, trying to catch his hat
as the taxi rounded the bend but it was too late!
he disappeared in a spraying silvery mist
leaving the tiny hat bobbing at the brook's edge.
 would he come back for it, or was he late for supper?

the cool slender hand, instantly familiar as it slides into mine;
the beautiful green eyes and happiest smile.
it is indeed the most enchanting forest, the perfect day,
my beautiful Ruthie lying next to me.........."
*   *   * 
Well, can you see why i was so bowled over?
words cannot express how much this means to me
my dear Mr O, my Musician, my poet . . . thank you x x


  1. That is beautiful, I'm so glad you decided to post this, thanks for sharing!

    Angela :)

  2. Wonderful and magical! I have never had a poem written for me - how special it must seem.

  3. Anonymous24/3/09 20:33

    What beautiful words and feelings. How lovely to have someone lift you up and float you on clouds drifting through the sky.

  4. A beautiful poem Ruthie! You asked about places in Bristol I'd recommend. There's a good exhibition on at Bristol Guild in Park Street that finishes on tuesday I think and the City museum which is just past the top of Park Street has loads of things plus a large art gallery on the top floor. Ashton Court is a good place for peace and green and deer, and Clifton shops are full of goodies to drool over! St Nicholas Market is an interesting place to see crafts and bargains, the friday/saturday morning outdoor market is particularly good. There's also lots of medieval architecture around the city centre such as 'Christmas Steps'. I'll stop now! I hope you find something to inspire. :)x

  5. Mmmmmmm.... That's fabulous. Wow-thanks for sharing.

  6. How special to you; thankyou for sharing and filling our hearts to bursting too - so romantic!

  7. thank you all for your heartwarming comments - i so very nearly didn't post this ( i am so hoping that new writings will follow!!!)


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