March 06, 2009

kirkmadrine stones & more celtic designs

last week we discovered, down a tree lined track . . .
kirkmadrine church, mull of galloway . . . a tiny little old church
kirkmadrine church, mull of gallowaybeautifully intricate doors of old
kirkmadrine stones ancient letters carved in stone
kirkmadrine stones wonderful old celtic designs

kirkmadrine stones
said to be some of oldest christian monuments in britain
from the 5/6th century AD
amazing to stand and gaze at these pieces of a past long gone by


  1. Anonymous7/3/09 07:04

    I love the hardware on that old door. Someone put some love and energy into that. All those artifacts are very interesting. Its neat to be able to see little glimpses of the past, items hand made hundreds of years ago.

  2. Oh I love exploring places like that. And I do have a passion for old doors...:)
    I think I am drawn to the history, I like to imagine all the people who have walked there before me.

  3. How lovely - that door looks tiny! It looks like a magical place to me :)x

  4. I'm a first time visitor and will return! Lovely photos and illustratuions.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hi, nice to meet you, thanks for visiting my blog. I am sure, by looking at your blog, that the Byzantium exhibition will be just up your street.

    What a wonderful little church you found.

  6. beautiful! I would love to stumble on something like that! LUCKY!

  7. First of all, I can't believe you have all this wonderful green grass at this time of year. It is still all white, white, white here (unless it is dirty snowbanks by the side of the road).

    And second, I can't believe you have all these wonderful Celtic artificts at your fingertips. I am drooling with envy.

  8. Ah! The wrought-iron hinges are so wonderful!

  9. Anonymous23/3/09 14:51

    I'm so lucky you stopped by! What a fantastic blog you have! I'm in love with all things Celtic and historical and I love your artwork and photos!


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