March 11, 2009

Mull of Galloway snails . . .

In a windswept corner
at the Mull of Galloway
live whole moveable villages
amazing snail piles on the walls of the old garden
at the mull of galloway lighthouse
Love the shapes, colours & patterns they creat.
Inspiration for my sketchbook!


  1. They all have such gorgeous colours.

  2. Anonymous13/3/09 08:10

    Isn't that amazing. They are wonderful little guys. I love how they all pile into one big group.

  3. I've always found these little friends particularly magikal.

  4. Their shells are so attractive but how glad I am that they don't all live in my garden!

  5. Wow, you have such a beautiful population of snails in your garden! All shapes and size and patterns, they're beautiful! :)

  6. Lovely and strange creatures! What a delicate "touch" you have in your photography.


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