March 10, 2009

Beltaine Celtic maiden . . .

the first of my celtic seasons set

Beltaine when life bursts forth
and tis a time for feasts and fairs

The Celtic maiden with her fiery hair,
is one of a set of four inspired by
Mother Nature’s seasons.

The ancient Celtic triskele pattern,
symbolizes the cycles of life,
the every changing times of year.

having such troubles - scanner problems, colour problems
research required into best sort of NEW scanner to buy
any tips anyone?
this week i am making plans & pondering setting up my shop on etsy . . .
this feels such a big step, i have been putting it off over & over???


  1. I love those colours together they look so beautiful. You should have bo problem selling your work if this is anything to go by, I had a little go at selling last year and want to do it again but now I don't feel as though I have anything to put on it because my work seems to be changing again!x

  2. Anonymous11/3/09 07:29

    Very lovely. I think thats great that you are going to do Etsy. It seems like a great place to share ones artwork, and creativity. I wish you much luck with that new adventure!

  3. This is really lovely work. Apparently cannon scanners are very robust epsom scanners are more colour true. Only read on the web though!


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