January 21, 2009

Until the call . . .

All is delivered. Designs, information, samples! So, for now
i shall pick up my brushes & loose myself again in painting

Until the call.
Hoping i will hear a "yes " when i lift that phone to my ear
the suspense. I sit thinking, how i came to be doing just this,
branching out into wedding design, not what i had in mind.
(Though i really do love doing it, altogether love weddings )
My own wedding design last year, here & here
led to comments, complements, recommendation
so, i thought maybe its not such a bright idea
to look a gift horse in the mouth when starting out
i'm so hoping for my very first "bride" to design for .

a delicious excuse to doodle & draw flowers & lovely things
The above started life as the this below


  1. So, we are both waiting, waiting!
    I hate this bit, when there is nothing you can do. Find it so difficult to move on to the next bit!

  2. ...and we both have heads full of weddings! Mine was for my daughter's wedding and I'm not sure if that was any easier hehe! ;)Good luck with yours.x

  3. well done you!
    Go for it. Hope the phone rings soon!

  4. Anonymous22/1/09 18:25

    Good luck with your new adventure into the wedding world. Your artwork is elegant and beautiful, so I am sure you will do very well. When we are manifesting our dreams people cant help but be drawn to us and what we are doing. So as long as the passion stays with you, you will do well!

  5. I wish you lots of luck ... :0)

    My blog is going private, if you would like to keep reading (and I would love you to!) drop me an email and I'll add you. indigoshirl@gmail.com

  6. Hi Ruthie! Wonderful to 'meet' you. Thanks for popping into my blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed yours! You are one creative lady and I wish you all the best in re-discovering your art. It is beautiful!

    Warm regards

  7. Anonymous23/1/09 09:37

    I am so proud of your two children. So pleased they come through. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. You must of all been little troupers going through it all?
    I know a Lady called Lucy who is dyslexic, she is a very bright intelligent women. She taught me so much while growing up in my early adulthood.
    The need for teacher's is to see the potential in children and help.
    There isn't enough help. Maybe we should all learn of learning difficulties and how to overcome them in our late teens ready for motherhood and everyone going into the world.
    I just had a thought, in my classes during the years of schooling you could count on one hand who were the brightest children, so there must be so many of us struggling through our childhood. Respect to all who are troupers and keep going when times try and set them back.


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