January 01, 2009

skimming stones & sunsets

out wandering the shoreline today
i remembered what a perfect place is this where i live
simply to open my eyes is to see & feel happy
skimming stones in the misty silence of sunset
watching ripples as the pebble skips over the sea

the hauntingly beautiful sound
as swift geese fly honking by overhead
a wind blown tree catching my eye
waiting to be drawn
hiding among the rocks a sea washed stone
with pebble treasure set in its midst
as the sun goes down
on this the first day of a brand new year
the shore at mute hill, kirkcudbright


  1. Happy New Year, Ruthie.

  2. Truly beautiful; happy new year ... :0)

  3. That first photo is just magical! I LOVE the sea :)


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