January 12, 2009

photography, pattern, pens & paints

to mention five things I love to do each day
was a request made by Monika over at red2white
it fits perfectly with no 5 of my 5preciousthings
so here we are
every day i love to . . . .
. . . sup a steaming cup of tea first thing in the morn,
it helps waken me to the day
. . capture images from the world i see
finding inspiration everywhere
. . . spend time in the studio
creating something or another

. . sit tucked in a quiet corner
scribbling in my journal
. . . be with my precious family
never a day goes by without them making me smile
in one sweet way or another
(above are notes left by my boy to cheer me one day)


  1. http://dillonscheenaard.blogspot.com/

  2. I love that mirror frame. A lovely quiet start to my day, thankyou.x

  3. Hello Ruthie.. thanks for your lovely message :) So happy that you enjoy my tales.. and thanks so much for the Jessica Joslin link! I love it!
    As always your blog is so nicely done... I wish you a splendid year full of wonder and adventure :)
    Rima x

  4. Anonymous17/1/09 10:37

    Hi Ruthie, thank you and you are so welcome. Really pleased you visited my blog. I can see your blog and write to you also. Your a star! I hope your not going through to much upset and will keep you in my heart.
    Sending you love through the net and air. Bug hug from me!
    Going to have a look and read your blog.
    All the best and blessings! Julie-ann

  5. Hello Ruthie,
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog - I am so glad that you did so that I had the chance to 'meet' you and see your beautiful work.


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