January 18, 2009

me and my three . . .

. . . and, i can hardly believe it
i finally made myself finish this!
" me and my three"
i think i rather like it now
can you tell i have had a wonderfully creative weekend


  1. Anonymous18/1/09 23:10

    Wow your art is so stunning! I can see why you have not made any mixed mediafor a while. Creating art like this must be so addictive? I would certainly be proud to make art like this.
    I think mixed media art is getting back to when we're a child and can stick and glue and make something out of scraps or paper and words.
    Magical finish. I hope it stays magical for me as I love it so.
    kelly Rae's book write's about our fears not laying in not achieving, but laying in achieving. I do this, I fear getting on a dizzy height I don't know my grounding of can't control were I am, in the new surroundings.
    She also writes about how to help be confident.
    I won't say anymore, Like telling the end of a story before you have read the book.
    Love to see your mixed media art!
    Your a star!

  2. It's beautiful Ruthie, you're on a roll - I love it!x

  3. I looooove this illustration. It warms the heart. What a wonderful idea. Perhaps I should try something like this with my five children. Hmm, mine may not look so peaceful though and I'd have to have McDonalds in the background, ha ha ha. You sound so genuine and loving. Good luck with everything you do Ruthie. Cheers from Australia, Jules :-)

  4. wow! this is beautiful!! I love the colors and composition.


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