January 24, 2009

from the corner of my eye . . .

slowly & yet oh so surely
my mind kept a-wandering
concentration crept away
industriousness ground to a halt
i sat quietly & watched
from the corner of my eye
how he puffed & he panted
he fidgeted & he fiddled
he jumped up & jumped down
he really wanted a little more
more than a look at the world
i downed brushes & we set off
to investigate . . .


  1. Awwww .... bless, when they need their walk, they've just got to go. It's amazing how they get so excited, tail wagging, every time! I wish I could be that enthusiastic.

  2. Aww what a cute view!:)
    Yes...have one of those too btw..only she pokes at me with her big nose when she needs attention! lol

  3. I love that view of your paints and artwork...bliss! But what is the view out of the window? I can't make it out.x

  4. I get poked by a large, wet nose also. (I hope you discovered something wonderful out there, you two!)

  5. toddlers are pretty much the same!!! :-))

  6. Wet noses, waggy tails, enthusiasm indeed! Jessie, the view from our studio window Mr O & i love, it looks up the lane towards the little village church where we were married! and not so very far away over the hill washes the sea, lots of breathtaking views for us to discover, on a very clear day we can see the Isle of Man. Yes Doda, toddlers too, sad mine have grown up so fast.

  7. Anonymous30/1/09 10:03

    What real powerful yet calming photo's, you do have an eye for beauty.


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