January 21, 2009

early/late bird . . . . .

such a ridiculously early time of the morning
even the birds will very soon be waking
yet here am i,
frantically putting finishing touches to my portfolio
from my own lips are uttered the famous words
next time -i will be more organised
next time - i shall not leave things till last moments

but, at last, I am now proud owner of
a range of wedding stationary designs
and . . . (eeek)
in not so very many hours
i am of to visit my very first
(working for myself full-time) client

. . .at best i am hoping that they may think my work looks ok
though my lack of sleep may well
cause me to look a fright
(my excuse, i seem for some very odd reason

to work so very much better under pressure!?)
off to sleep.......................


  1. Anonymous22/1/09 18:23

    Wonderful little pieces of artwork. I love the bird, so elegant and cute.

  2. Congrats to you! (this seems to be the way I tend to work as well. As much as I swear: *next* time it will be different! Argh! What is that??)


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