March 14, 2019

How I started

Day 2 -March Meet the Maker. How I started.

Many moons ago I had a dream, to become a self-employed artist, I made a wish, set my feet on the path, made a plan. I gave up my old job, brought myself a new sketchbook, and set off on my journey. That was eleven years ago and through sheer determination, tears and lots of laughter I’m here today, feeling very lucky doing what I love and following my dream.


  1. That was so brave Ruthie! But how wonderful that you love the life you lead now.
    Hugs Jane

  2. Making blog rounds, which I haven't been too good about. I'm happy you focused completely on your art! I left acting to focus on visual art and have created so much more since then but I know there is so much more I want to do. Sometimes it's almost overwhelming! Always love to see what you are up to and I think of you every time I see my mermaid in the hallway!

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