July 24, 2017

Telling the Bees, a foggie toddler

I am loving spending time in our garden just now and try to find some time each day for pottering and planting and pruning, there is always so much to keep me busy.
After two years tending what began as a wild patch, the garden is  finally coming in to it's own and each nook and cranny holds delicious splashes of colour and tucked away gems. I find gardening such a peaceful and healing pastime, the growing of things, fingers buried in the soil, listening to the bird chirruping in the bushes. (This year our blackbird is feeding three babies!)
 We have so many more bees now too, humming among the blooms and I find myself talking to them as I work, calling them by the Scottish name - Foggie-toddle, a name used in Deeside - ‘Fog’ meaning moss or grass, and ‘toddling’ is meandering with a gentle sound. It suits them so well!

In Celtic folklore bees were thought to be the wisest of creatures, messengers between worlds. There is an old Scots saying 'Ask the wild bee for what the druid knew'. The old highlanders believed that the soul of a person left the body in the form of a bee once a person had died or whilst they were in a trance.
I had the perfect excuse to study my wee bees up close for a new commission that came my way earlier this year. A lovely customer of mine all the way from the USA asked for a painting for a dear friend, a glass artist who makes bee & honeycomb necklaces,  isn't this stunning!

The painting was to include bees, honeycomb and daisies, so I took lots of photos first to inspire me, then began sketching and very soon an idea bee-gan ( sorry couldn't resist) to form. 
I wanted to capture the bee close up and have a hint of the honeycomb behind filled with a delicate blend of honey colours and lots of splashes of gold ink to highlight.

I am rather pleased with the final result and love the way the gold catches the light. I'm also happy to report that my lovely customer liked it too when it arrived safe and sound over seas.

I have just added 'Foggie Toddler' to my Etsy store as a limited edition print.  Each print is hand finished in gold ink - you can follow the link here.

Well I'm off into the studio to carry on working on a new exciting project which I will share very soon.

Oops I nearly forgot to mention  - the winner of the Butterfly bunting giveaway was KJ Sutcliffe from the sweetest blog 'I live, I love, I craft, I am me', congratulations!


  1. Beautiful work Ruthie! I love the name Foggie Toddler and it's meaning 😊 xx

    1. Thank you x yes I love the name it sounds so cute and bee like 😊

  2. beautiful garden and good inspiration for the necklace

    1. Thank you, the necklace is beauty isn't it!

  3. Lovely bee - I was enjoying the bees here yesterday, while doing some stretching in the garden, such active little beings.

  4. Bee the change you want to see in the world 😁😁😁 love, Sara

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  6. Hi Ruthie, gorgeous bee art, so stunning, I love the soft colors and the delicate stippling of ink..super-beautiful! I love all of the Celtic folklore and wisdom, so magical..I had a sweet bumblebee crawling on the floor in my house last summer..out of the blue..I picked her up and set her free, but I did wonder to myself.. who this spirit could be! Beautiful post!I look forward to seeing more of your art and creative world.


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