July 10, 2017

Butterflies, bunting kits and a Give Away!

An abundance of butterflies have been flitting into my garden lately, such a lovely reward for all the planting of shrubs and flowers I have been doing in an attempt to attract more of these beauties!
They have some wonderful names for the butterfly here in Scotland: in the North East they are called 'Butterflee' or 'Buttery' , whilst elsewhere a chrysalis is a 'Tammie-Nid-Nod' or a 'Tammie-noddie-heid' (heid meaning head), isn't that just lovely!  

 The many photographs i have taken of my garden visitors have inspired me to include butterflies in a new creation! So I have designed my 'Colour your own Butterfly Bunting kits'! The kit contains 12 butterflies and 10 flowers for you to colour, all in assorted sizes, enough to make 1.5 meters of bunting and you can choose from a selection of 4 colours of organza ribbon to thread them on to.

I had great fun choosing my colours had a very relaxing afternoon filling them in! I love that the collective noun for butterflies is a' Kaleidoscope', I think it perfectly suits this riot of colour.

 You can find these bunting kits in my Etsy store here , alongside some birdy bunting I created too!

I would love you to send me photographs of your finished bunting, so that I can share them here, it will be fascinating to see how different they all turn out! Each one will be quite unique I'm sure x

and last but not least!

I enjoyed making my bunting so much that I thought I would give away a Butterfly Bunting kit!
So if you would like a chance to win a bunting kit just leave a message below and tell me what your favourite colour is and why! The winner will be picked from the hat on Monday 17th July.

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  1. I was just oohing and aahing at your butterflies in the garden and then I saw your wonderful offer! How kind :) fingers crossed x


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