July 28, 2014

Family Tree Workshops at the Wickerman . . .

I am back from a wonderful Wickerman Festival experience!
Such a fantastic weekend filled with scorching sunshine, beautiful sunsets, much music & singing & dancing,  and my workshops going down a storm!   I arrived in the Lowland Links tent on Friday morn to set up amidst roaring Vikings in full chain mail & helmet getup, a storyteller clad in medieval gown and so many other entertaining happenings. 
I hung bright coloured bunting in a huge blue tent
unpacked oodles of paint & pens & arty things.

Propped up my family tree samples & inspirations. 
Laid out sketchbooks stuffed with ideas & info.
Spread out a feast of templates & worksheets, 
then sat back & waited with baited breath!
 and very soon they began to arrive, lots of smiling & inquisitive wee ones
filled with enthusiasm & ideas of their own they began to create their very own family trees.
Masterpieces a-plenty, flowery trees, branchy trees, trees with lots of family names, trees filled with family fingerprints, some with birds & butterflies, others with beasties, each one quite unique.
There are far too photo's of the creations to share here, so if you want a peep at more
of the lovely works of art  & folks who made them take a look over here.
Thank you to each and every one of you who came along to say hi, lend a hand, or have a go. To Susi sweetpea provider of provisions & mansion sized tent & Mr O for an endless supply of tea, delicious food & an extra pair of hands and the biggest thank you to all you wonderful youngsters for sharing your creativity and laughter.  Can you tell I had a wonderful weekend  folksies.

My family tree workshops are great fun as you can see,
if anybody fancies having this activity at their event do get in touch.


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Wish I had been there :)

  2. What a fantastic weekend you've had, Ruthie. Loved seeing all those creative masterpieces.
    Jacqui x

  3. It looks like you ALLLLL had a wonderful time! ~ (Makes me want to try doing a craft fair again!) Thanks so much for sharing the fun ~ :)))))

  4. Wonderful Ruthie, looks like a lot of weans went away happy.
    Looking at some of their creations there's a lot of talent out there. Perhaps a budding Charles or Charlotte Rennie Mackintosh.

  5. Congratulations Ruthie, joy and creativity simply ooze out of this post. It all looks splendid. x

  6. What a lovely posting, we've missed the Wickerman festival twice since we discovered it when we came up on holiday, we live a bit far away to 'pop' up and the last two years our leave has not coincided. Your photos have made me decide to make a concerted effort to get up next year!

    1. I hope you do manage to get back for the festival another year, it is a lovely one, very relaxed!

  7. How fantastic! May someday my sis and I will come and coordinate our trip with this festival!
    It looks amazing and I love their family trees! What a wonderful idea and they are so creative!
    Hope you are doing great! I'm finally doing some catching up with the blogs!

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  9. I just love your work, Ruthie! And what a wonderful project


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