July 21, 2014

A wickerman workshop . . .

Some of my best inspiration comes whilst I walk in my favourite places
down deep in the ancient forest, listening to the trees whispering their stories.
On early morning walks up past dew kissed fields,
I  watch crows rise amongst branches scribbled across pink tinged skies, 
their calls breaking the still air of a brand new day.
Of course it is no wonder trees so oft find their way into my paintings.
and lately I have been working on designs for family trees
tying together three things I love ~ trees, stories, genealogy. 
I am endlessly fascinated by all that history, all those happenings and connections.
As I add twining branches, names and dates running back into the past
 I ponder the stories, the connections, the history there.
For stories are what we are made of and my family trees a way of keeping those stories alive
I am thrilled this year to have been invited to demonstrate my family trees and lead "family tree workshops" for children in the Lowland Links Tent" at the Wickerman Festival. It is part of this years Homecoming Scotland celebrations, which is all about encouraging folk to explore their Scottish roots, and discover more about their heritage.
It should be altogether much fun and I cannot wait to see what magical creation willow sculptor Trevor Leat has conjured up for this years festival. As you can see last year we had a magnificent horned beltie.
It is almost a shame to see the sculpture go up in flames as part of each years spectacular festival finale. Do come and find me and say hello if you are at the Wickerman Festival this year!


  1. I do wish I could be there....unfortunately, my trip this year, won't be until October.

  2. beautiful arbors and good drawing

  3. What a beautiful way to present family history. I'm so admiring of it.

  4. I love the woods that give you your inspiration. Trees are very imporatnt to me too. x

  5. That's a great family tree Ruthie, mine is incomplete on a notepad sheet.
    Hope your new banners have arrived for your stall at the Wickerman. Good luck with your workshops, I'm sure they'll be enthralling.
    I still haven't made it to any of the festivals. I'm amazed at the stamina of american women singers. Dolly Parton was fantastic at Glastonbury, now this weekend at the Wickerman, 73yo Martha Reeves will perform with the Vandellas. I love Del Amitri too.

  6. Ruthie, I love that photo of the tree at dawn. You might appreciate my take on that "black lace edge of night:" http://www.onemanswonder.com/2011/05/tip-81-trace-black-lace-edge-of.html

  7. Ah Ruthie, your family trees are breathtaking! I love them!
    Have a wonderful time at the Wickerman Festival! That is one seriously awesome wicker beltie :)


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