December 04, 2013

Some November favourites . . .

Some of my favourite November things  ~
Our annual family get together bonfire night.  We are such a huge family now and scattered all over, but everyone who possibly can comes home for bonfire night, brothers, sisters, grandparent's, nieces & nephews, sons & daughters. I love these precious times we all spend together.
Being Mom to my three & now a Granny, still amazing & one of the best jobs I have ever had.
Making time to journal, re-learning how to play with my creativity & go with the flow every day.
Autumn colours shining through & creating spectacular displays here in our little wood.

Finding snippets of loveliness on my travels on the web, such as this video of the amazing starling murmurations over at Gretna Green, something Mr O & I had the pleasure of witnessing last year.


  1. hello Ruthie,
    always so lovely to see family enjoying one another!
    autumn colors are still a joy to see, my world is covered with snow.
    that film is beautiful! how wonderful that you have seen the starlings dance!

  2. Beautiful photos, as always Ruthie. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely photos Ruthie! What a great family tradition!
    Your journal collage is yummy :)

  4. Lovely photos and video Ruthie. It seems that Gretna and Langholm are both starling areas, other bloggers from that area have frequently uploaded pictures and video. Sadly our starling murmurations total no more than a dozen at a time, maybe they don't like the west.
    Wonderful family pictures. While in the States I got some joyous unexpected news. The eldest of my twin daughters who are 40 next month is pregnant, my newest grandchild is due in June. Happy days.


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