July 30, 2013

An exhibition at the Tolbooth & Faerie creations . . .

For the past while there has been a bit of a whirlwind a-happening in my wee studio.
These last few months have seen me scribbling & sketching, making & painting. 
 I have been carried along on a flow of creativity, desperate each day to get back to  my desk and
not enough hours in the day for all i want to do for the exhibition that is fast approaching!
Many moons ago  i learnt to pattern cut & sew and designed & made clothes for a living! Above, some of my designs from way back. My threads, fabrics & ribbons have long been gathering dust so I decided it was time to bring out my collected treasures & start again.  It has been such a long while since i did any sewing so you can imagine how excited I was when ideas began appearing in my sketchbook of faerie creatures & tiny costumes, bedecked with feathers & bells & shining things!
 I have had such fun making tiny heads & feet & hands, learning to make little dolly wigs. Stitching ribbon & beads, feathers & shells onto faerie costumes. Watching these wee creatures taking shape.
Now at last I am very happy to announce my latest creations ~ my "Galloway Faeries".
 Still in the final stages of finishing & adding & tweaking.
If they can be persuaded (for they are rather shy creatures) they will make an appearance at the upcoming Kirkcudbright Art & Crafts Trail 2013, now in its 10th year.

I am really rather excited about this event as my dear Mom & I are to be exhibiting here at the beautiful old 17thC Tolbooth art Centre, in Kirkcudbright, Dumfries & Galloway during the art trail. We are venue 27, upstairs on the top floor, in what was formerly the debtors prison!

Kirkcudbrigth Art & Craft trail website here
Dowloadable brochure here 
I made it into the brochure this year ~ thats my hand shown below painting "The Travellers".

As well as my faeries,  my paintings, sculptures, driftwood creations will be on show, and prints & cards. So do drop in to venue 27 upstairs at Tolbooth to say hello if your about.

formerly the debtor’s prison is now used as a gallery - See more at: http://www.museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk/member/tolbooth-art-centre#sthash.LKHV5Ved.dpuf


  1. Your faeries are lovely Ruthie!
    Hope the exhibition goes well :)

  2. I love your fairies ~ and so wish I didn't live 5000 miles away....

  3. Sounds like there's plenty activity out there in your little corner of the county. Looking forward to popping into the Tolbooth to see all you've made Ruthie.

  4. The fairies are lovely, Ruthie! Every success for the trail and the exhibition!

  5. Oh my gosh Ruthie, they are wonderful!!!!
    I wish we didn't live so far from you. My sister and I were talking about trying to find out some of our family lineage on my grandmother's side, but we need to go to Scotland to do it. My sister said, "Then we could go visit Ruthie!"
    Well, someday. :)
    Have a great show! Take pictures please!!!

  6. Gorgeous little fairies Ruthie! Wish I was there :) All the best for the show!!

  7. i wish i could go to your show!
    your Galloway Faeries look entirely charming. it is fun also to have a wee peak into your studio! wishing you a show that makes you smile and smile.

  8. What an amazing workload Ruthie, I can understand what you've said about hours in the day.
    I think this is the busiest weekend in all of Galloway there's so much happening.
    Hope you have the best exhibition ever.

  9. Your wee faerie folk are lovely!

  10. Hi Ruthie, your studio looks really colourful and full of exciting things! How great to be able to see the Galloway faerie people being assembled, cor it's a fantastic treasure box your studio, my eyes were all over everywhere!

    How I wish I could get to Kirkcudbright, that place with the misleading spelling! Magical.

    Much hugs,
    Jane x


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