January 25, 2013

A taste O' Burns . . .

With Burns Night upon us I thought I would give a  "Wee taste o' Burns"
Born in Alloway 25th Jan 1759, he lived not so far away in the town of Dumfries
He wrote many well known songs such as ‘Auld Lang Syneand ‘To a Mouse
 In the town there lies still  "The Globe Inn" Robbie's howff (haunt)
His favourite seat survives & poetry he scratched on his bedroom window!
There is still a Burns "Howff" club held in the town

There is a great wee video summing up his life & works here.
and here "The beginners guide to Burns" a good introduction
here to Burns Birthplace site for a collection of all things Burns related.
(Globe Inn image courtesy of Visit Scotland, the etched window from BBC News)
All around the world tonight folk will be raising their glasses,
making toasts and tucking into haggis, neeps & tatties. 

The Selkirk Grace
Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
And sae let the Lord be thankit

Here's my offering "A taste O'Burns" treasury
from folk all around the world


  1. Love the specs......tho' they do appear a tad uncomfortable,no doubt they were the best of optical technology at the time!
    Thanks the offerings,the heart shaped fudge looks lovely.

    Happy Burn's Day Ruthie,

  2. Slàinte mhath! Happy Burns Night Ruthie!x

  3. Ah yes... Burns night! Have a good one... !

  4. I just love the aesthetics of your blog, Ruthie! Your warm inviting prose and lovely photos are such a celebratory salute to the places and people you visit here. Thank you for providing a place where we can stop in to refresh our sense of beauty, magic, and wonder in the world. As a side note, I found it interesting that Burns wrote poetry on his windows. I watched a movie, recently, about the ill-fated life of South African poet, Ingrid Jonkers. The movie depicted her doing the same thing...and writing all across her walls as well.

    Happy Burns Night to you and yours!

    Blessings All Ways ~ Jenna

  5. Hi Ruthie, my dad who lived along the Bankend road in Dumfries could recite all of Tam o' Shanter. He was never big on the usquebaugh but if he had more than a couple of glasses of red wine it added to the telling.

    Guid Nicht, An' Joy Be Wi' Ye A'

  6. Hi Ruthie. I've just found your blog via Mrs Black's This and That - what a treat! I've visited your etsy shop (hmmm some things on the birthday list there- I love the hares!) and am looking forward to exploring the rest of your bloggy world x

  7. Hello to you dear Nina, thank you so for your lovely words.

    Jim, how wonderful that your Dad could recite the whole thing! A grand memory indeed. Mr O laughs at my pronunciations ;)

    Plain Jane ~ lovely to meet you here, thank you for coming a -visiting x

    thank you all, lovely to see you here x


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