January 21, 2013

A tale of a story teller, Jack Frost & snow . . .

A wee while ago I was delighted to meet the lovely Susi Woodmass
Scottish singer, songwriter, storyteller extraordinaire, who goes by the name of
Susi Sweetpea the Fairy, such a bubbly, enthusiastic & creative soul.
 She is a "lover of enchantment" and her work is enchanting indeed.
So when I was asked to take a peep at some of her work
of course I jumped at the chance for I so love enchantment & tales.
Now here I am illustrating her story, written in wonderful verse, all about
 "Nip Nebs" Mr Jack Frost and his antics as he covers the land with frost patterns.
Susi's stories & songs are filled with her passion for the old Scots language.
words that roll around the tongue and conjure such images for me, words such as
 "crumshie" snow ~crunchy snow and  lugs and nebs ~ ears and noses.
Here are snippets from my sketchbook and i do have to add
Nip Nebs was a little inspired by Victorian gents & certain Johnny Depp!
I have given you a peep at a few of the scribbles from my sketchbook
but shall be sure to share the finished ones as soon as we can.
Here in Galloway we are muffled in a wintery white land of magical Narnia.
Lots of snowy inspiration at last and I have been out a hunting
 with my camera for frosty happenings to include in the illustrations!

Hope you are all keeping warm!
Find more about Susi here & here at the Scottish Storytelling Centre.


  1. wonderful to see your wintry world and charming art Ruthie!

  2. Splendid sharing of a special singer and the winter woodlands. I love both.

  3. What lovely illustrations! I'm a fan of your curved (signature) trees (so human somehow) and the Johnny Depp inspired character! We also have wonderful snow, but bitter cold to go along with it. The power went out in our building tonight just before dinner. It was very cozy fun with family in dark apartment with only candles... winter can be glorious! xx

  4. This looks wonderful Ruthie, I love your fabulous illustrations.x

  5. Jack Frost is a real favourite of mine. I've always loved the attire that gentlemen wore in victorian and edwardian times. And the pointy ears and exagerated pointy shoes make it even better! Think Mr Depp would be honoured. x

  6. Love your illustrations - Jack Frost was a regular winter visitor to my house when I was a child, he left wonderful frost patterns on all the windows. No central heating in those days of course:)

  7. Looks like you have more ice over your end than we have Ruthie, but we're catching up now.
    I must keep an eye out for Susi Sweetpea, I've seen her advertised quite often in Gatehouse, but now I know a little bit more.
    Nip Nebs looks a little bit like my youngest daughter's partner, he's not a musician is he ? I can see him becoming a regular feature in the sunday papers !
    Enjoy the snow, the thaw comes at the weekend.

  8. I like that saying.. 'lugs and nebs' :) never heard it before but it's wonderful

    Love the glimpse of your sketchbook, Nib Nebs and the curling trees look so magical.. I always love your work Ruthie!

    I've ventured out with my camera too.. the day we had beautiful curling wave-like snow drifts over the fields I didn't have it though incase I fell on it.. typical.

  9. Della ~ thank you treasure , i love that my curved signature trees! I never thought of them that way before ;)Hope you are keeping cosy x

    Rowan ~ frost patterns inside the windows, i smiled at that for it wasn't untill we came to live up here in Scotland that i experienced that!

    Jim, lol, he could be a musician, in fact it may suit him very well, hmm I might have to work that into one of the illustrations!! We are still frozen up here on the hill!

    Deborah ~ isn't it frustrating, i often don't have my camera with me when I see the most wonderful things!! x

    Thank u all for a visiting x


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