August 27, 2012

Celtic blessings & a vist to Cumbria . . .

I chose another of my favourite Celtic blessings for my latest piece
"May you have. . . "

 May you have walls for the wind and a roof for the rain
and drinks beside the fire,  laughter to cheer you
& those you love near you and all that you heart may desire.

As i worked on this piece I got to thinking about my own blessings
how lucky I am to have walls & a roof, drink & food & warmth.
  What more could a person ask for.

Another blessing I am oh so thankful for is being Mom to my 3.
Only now times they are a changing, i suddenly have an empty nest!
My number 3 is setting off with a happy wave for college life
 and as i I sit here at home I can feel the air quietly shift & re-settle
as it fills the spaces, as our lives take on new patterns & ways.

So whilst the pattern of our days settles itself
and I grow accustomed to this quieter wee cottage
i am smiling at the memories, keeping busy,  painting & making
and so looking forward to future times & family visits.

I have so many other things to share, where do i start . . .
Perhaps with our days in Cumbria finding Celtic inspirations and
the "The Giants Grave", a collection of 4 separate monuments, 
2 crosses & 4 hogback tombstones at St Andrews church said to mark
the burial place of Owen Caesarius, King of Cumbria 920 to 937 AD.

Or the stone circle "Long Meg & her daughters" with its 69 stones,
dated about 1500bc, I felt such connections here in this ancient place.
 We also hunted down the Loki stone in Kirby Stephen, depicting the
Norse god.  A reminder of invading Vikings here once upon a time.

Back home a last minute decision found us camping out
at our local,  friendly music festival the "Wickerman".
Lots of excellent music, catching up with friends old & new
& rounded off with the spectacular burning of the giant wickerman.

The Kirkcudbright art trail at which Mom & I had our work
was a wonderful event, its always good to actually meet customers
I'd like to say a huge thank you to all who called in.

So as the sun sets on these last days of August
I hope you too have many blessings to count.
My newest Celtic Blessing painting is available as prints
in my etsy shop here,  I now offer up to A3+ size prints.
I also have a new folksy store here which i am in the process of stocking.

do remember to keep an eye open for the magical
"once in a blue moon" on 31st!
x x x
The sunset above is the view over the Cairnsmore of Fleet,
Dumfries & Galloway.


  1. A lovely post, Ruthie, and a beautiful painting. I'm enfatuated with the stones from the Giants Grave, the combination of snakey and knots is really interesting. Someday soon I MUST visit the land of my ancestors... ALL of the big stones are calling to me. Hope the transition to empty nest is easeful! Blessings from the forest :)

  2. your blessing art is beautiful Ruthie! Gorgeous too!

    Lovely to see all the glimpses, memories and beauty in your life.

    A warm smile to you~

  3. Lovely to see all this. What fascinating places you've visited in the Lake District! Beautiful new artwork – and of course, with your youngest going off to school, I can imagine how you must keep busy. But you have so many interests and will be creating more every day now! Congratulations on your new shop, and good to know you're still on Etsy, too. xx

  4. What a celebratory post. I love the optimism and looking forward. We are so lucky in the UK, our ancestors bones lie close to the surface and we are within touching distance if we choose. From Cornwall to Scotland we have barrows, henges and lows to reach. Long Meg brings many happy memories for me. I hope one day you can come further south and meet Minning Low, the Ridgeway treasures and more.

  5. A beautiful piece of work, Ruthie, you sound as if you managing the empty nest transition very well.
    Take care
    Margaret :)

  6. I remember my four daughters eventually leaving for college and their own family life, but every-time they visit the photo albums come out to remember and share their memories with their own children.
    I'm intrigued by the collage of Jake (I take it that's him as a youngster too), whatever happened to him in the middle top picture, or shouldn't I ask ?
    You've finally cleared up a mystery for me. Back in the mid 80's we were coming up to Dumfries from Scunthorpe, and decided to get off the main road at Penrith. The weather then took a turn for the worst and we kinda got lost. At a junction somewhere along the road we saw a road sign indicating Carlisle, and a poster indicating an event at Long Meg and her Daughters. It's come to mind a few times, but I never looked it up. On my next trip south, a detour from junction 41 looks to be on the cards. Thanks Ruthie.
    I've also been passed when the Wickerman's been built, but have never been to the festival, another unfulfilled promise to myself.

    A lovely post Ruthie.

  7. Ruthie, your new piece is stunning! I also love the pics of your amazing trip, thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Valerianna - the designs on the stones were intriguing but so worn and i was happy to discover, inside the old church drawings done many moons ago of the that showed more details, apparently it has been proven that it was indeed a giant of a man buried there. I do so hope you get to visit the land of your ancestors one day x

    Thank you dear Tammie x x

    Della, thank you, yes im still on Etsy too. Im looking forward to perusing all your photos and shall reply to your e-mail v. soon x x

    Charlotte - i hope so too Minning Low looks very similar to the cairns we have near here. You're right we are so lucky to have the ancient monuments & places of our ancestors to visit, they never fail to fill me with a deep awe.

    Thank you Margaret, I'm getting there, c u v soon x

    Hi Jim, hmm yes that was the day J got hold of one of my blue tubes of paint whilst sat in his baby seat in the back of the car, I didnt find out until i got home! wee rogue, he looked like he had a black eye bless. He has always had a great capacity to make me laugh ;) Glad I helped u clear up the long Meg mystery! it is a fab place to visit. The music fest was a first in a long while for me & proved that there's life in me yet lol ;)

    Thank you dear Mickie x

  9. Lovely artwork. :) Some of those places with the standing stones hold such powerful feelings there don't they? Sometimes good, occasionally bad (for me) but always inspiring. :)
    Celtic blessings to you Ruthie!♥
    Jess x x

  10. Anonymous28/8/12 14:18

    Hi Ruthie, thank you so much for your sweet comments. Your pictures are wonderful and I love your art.
    I used to draw a lot, but just stopped and have never drawn again, strange isn't it ?
    An empty nest, I can imagine it is very quiet. I had the same feeling when my son left home. We still have our daughter at home, but she is a quiet person ; )
    Have a great day.

  11. Cute and emotional artwork!...Quite imaginative as all of yours... I love it ♥

    A Blessing for you today ☼
    May the God of the dawn awaken you
    May the God of sunrise stir you up
    May the God of morning bless your work
    May the God of noon renew your strength
    May the God of sunset bring you home
    May the God of dusk soothe your soul
    May the God of night bring you rest.

    Peace and light!

  12. what a wonderful post, love the artwork such a beautiful blessing. Hugs Sara

  13. What a gorgeously beautiful painting Ruthie! :) As well, I loved your walk-through of visiting The Giants Grave and Long Meg...I'd adore seeing those and walking among the sacreds lands of some of my ancestors.

    Thank You too for leaving such heartfelt comments on my blogs...I am in deep gratitude!

    I will sit with you this evening in the ethers as we sing and drum and connect on a heart level with Grandmother and Our Blessed Waters.

    Be Blessed Dear Sister...always!

  14. You left a comment on my blog, Bridgits's Bell so I came by to visit you.

    Your post is awesome! I want to go there! And so is your work. I'm off to look at your Etsy shop.

    Happy weekend; its's a holiday weekend here in the states.

  15. Jess ~ thank you. Yes the ancient standind stones places are full of different energies aren’t they. This one was all good.

    Monique, lovely to see you here. Maybe you will get back int drawing again when the time is right, I had stopped for a long time as life was so busy. Now years later im loving it again.

    Eliseo thank you dear frined, fro the wonderful blessing.

    Sara~ thank you.

    Akasa ~ lovely to hear you enjoyed my ancient places photos.

    Karen ~ hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I was telling someone about your beautiful goddesss knitted doll the other day, i love it so. x


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