July 31, 2012

my wee studio & an art trail . . .

There has been a hustle and a bustling in my studio lately.
My muse has returned, oh joy! 
 I'm spending happy hours nestled in my creating space.
I  love my studio,  it was a dream I held for many years
to have such a place and now at last i do  . . .
folk who visit say it fascinates them with so much to look at!
 That makes me smile,   I'm usually such a tidy soul, 
yet this space of mine is overflowing and i love it!
It isn't a space i " put" together, rather it has grown about me
like a comfortable blanket, familiar & cosy & comforting.
When i step through the door I enter into another world.
A world where  i dream & plot & paint & sketch,
listen to  endless stories & magical music.
This wee haven fills me with peace & inspiration.
It's almost time for the next Kirkcudbright Art Trail 
A whole year has passes since the last one see here
  A wonderful event held from Friday 3rd to Mon 6th August.
The wee town of Kirkcudbright will be filled with a hum of activity
as local artists & crafts folk show their wares.
You can find lots more info, a brochure & map here on the website.
My dear Mom Jean Redden & I will be there again this year
We will be downstairs in Rhubarb, Castle Street  again 
if you are about do pop in, its always lovely to meet folk.
Above is my piece donated for the a canvas wall, 
a fab idea that allows folk to pick up a piece of art for £10!!
I do hope to see some of you there x x


  1. Wild Roses31/7/12 13:09

    What a lovely workspace, thank you for sharing pictures Ruthie - inspirational as ever :)

  2. Anonymous31/7/12 13:18

    I love getting the chance to peek in to an artist's work space. So very inspiring!!! Love the piece your created for the canvas wall. :)

  3. Such a beautiful and inspiring space, Ruthie! Thanks for sharing. And I so wish I could be there in body for the Art Trail but will have to settle for being there in spirit :) Have a wonderful time! Kristin xxx

  4. Just what a good workspace looks like, in my opinion! Good inspiration, a good bit of organized clutter, just like nature. Happy creating and thanks for the peep!

    PS - A book I just finished had a bit of it taking place in Kirkcudbright, I think... it was a wee bit, so I'm not absolutely sure, but the name is very familiar.

  5. I'm happy to hear your muse has returned and your haven sounds like a wonderful space to be. I like your celtic knotwork design with the beautiful blue background and the birds The art trail will be fantastic!
    Jess x

  6. You have such a lovely place to work in Ruthie!!
    Oh how I wish I could get to Kirkcudbright I LOVE your piece that you've donated!!!!!

    Hope all goes well for you and your Mumsie, hugs.

    Jane x

  7. lovely to hear you are dancing with your muse~ sweet

    i loved have a glimpse of your studio, it is wonderful and i can hear your love in your words.

    wishing you a fabulous time creating.

  8. What a wonderful space, love all the things around you, glad to hear you have your muse back. Hugs Sara

  9. Hi Ruthie
    I love your studio! It is just so "you", sunny and bright too! There is no order in my studio unfortunately!
    Have a wonderful "Trail" and hope to catch up afterwards to hear all about it!

  10. Enchanting, as always. Whomever ends up with your donation piece should consider their life charmed.

  11. Your studio is full of you, which is how it should be. It is a lovely space! x

  12. Your studio looks wonderful, so creative and inviting!
    I can't wait to get my own studio up together... its being plastered and re-pointed next week I think!
    Very good luck with the open studios - we have a lot of open studios and arts trails down here which do tend to stir up lots of enthusiasm... maybe one day I'll join in too, you never know!

  13. Anonymous1/8/12 18:06

    What a fantastic place to spend time. I love it. Can you see me turning green ??? ; )

  14. Good to see you have settled in with your muse and your pup. I love to lurk in the studio's of other artists, I think we must all collect skulls and bones and bugs!

  15. Loved seeing your studio.. the place where the magic happens :)
    I'm glad that you are feeling so much better and have found your muse again.. your piece for the wall is beautiful!

  16. Gorgeous studio and new piece!
    Best wishes for the show - it sounds lovely.

  17. Very nice, RUthie! As I face moving from my cozy office space of the past 25 years, I hope I can find and allow to "grow about me" a refuge half as wonderful as yours look and sounds.

  18. Such a beautiful post..gorgeous art and creations..and fabulous creative space!

  19. Hello Ruthie
    Catching up on some of my favorite blogs and so I was delighted to see your post about your wonderful studio! It is absolutely lovely and just the right place to get lost in. I love all the little bits that tell of who you are. I am currently working on my new flower studio and expect to have it ready soon. I have also started painting again and so your beautiful mandala or Celtic knot piece really caught my eye. The colors are divine. I hope the Kirkcudbright Art trail wend well,
    Thinking of you and my dear Scotland,

  20. Colour and clutter, just how an artist's studio should be.
    Hope you had a great 'Art Trail' Ruthie. I couldn't make it this year, I went on a family reunion instead.
    Poppy looks very contented.

  21. Your studio looks very inspirational and i love your style.
    I have recently moved nearer your neck of the woods so maybe bump into you sometime and share some medieval craft skills.

  22. Yay for the return of the muse!!!! I'm waiting for mine to show up but I think it's waiting for me to get a space cleared! I love your space! Wonderful! Now I feel like i need a big bulletin board! Love the wonderful piece ... beautiful!


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