May 04, 2012

waiting & watching in the bluebell woods

 Step by step through the bluebell woods,
from the beginning of March we trod the same path
watching & waiting for Mother Nature to do her magic,
little by little, step by step, so that an eye could hardly tell
 untill this last week, week 8 . . . here they are,  the bluebells! 
I wish you could walk with us, the air is sweet with their scent
and the colours & hues are just beautiful.
Others over the years must have waited to for this wonderful display
but maybe for very different reasons.

* During the bronze age bluebell sap was used to glue feathers to arrows for hunting.

* The sap of the bluebell was used, in days gone by, to bind the pages of books.

* The bulbs were crushed in the  Elizabethan age to make starch for cuffs & collars.

* It is thought that the ring of the bluebell is a call to the faeries, 
so do keep to the path through them unless you want to make the fae cross ;-).

Have a wonderful weekend one and all x


  1. Ooooeeee.... someday, I MUST walk through a bluebell wood. Thank you for at least the visuals! And the bits about how bluebells were used - fascinating!

  2. What a wonderful sharing...oh to find a bluebell wood! I too loved the facts of how they were used by our ancestors...

    Have a Glorious Weekend! :)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I am now following you. :)
    I very much like what I see here...quite magickal!

  3. Anonymous4/5/12 15:54

    Oh, I wish I could walk with you too! Enjoy your weekend, Ruthie!
    ~ Zuzu

  4. Beautiful Ruthie! The Bluebells in my wood have been rather sparse this year. They're such a lovely flower :)
    Faery hugs, Ace xx

  5. I hope our sun comes again soon, we have some fabulous Bluebell woods to walk through here. The smell is amazing isn't it? Mmmmmmmmm :)

    I love what you did with the photos...& omg...I never knew all those bluebell facts.
    I love the idea that they were used to glue the feathers onto the arrows...& of course, that they call the faeries! I might try that :) xxx

  6. Anonymous4/5/12 16:29

    Wonderful pictures !! I love bluebells too.
    Great info about the bluebells. I didn't know that.
    Have a great day.

  7. Oh, Ruthie! I love this progression of your bluebell pathway. I have bluebells in my garden--but have never seen them growing in such profusion as you have Absolutely lovely.

  8. It's always so wonderful to see the bluebells isn't it? They are still not fully out here yet but enough for a blue haze to lie over the woods.

  9. oh how wonderful and a lovely place to walk. thank you for sharing the uses of the lovely plant.

  10. Wonderful! I must get out to the woods very soon... fascinating facts - especially the arrow fletching one, I shoot Longbow but had no idea!
    Happy May!

  11. That's one thing I still haven't done this year, walk through carpets of bluebells (not stepping on them of course!)It's astonishing to watch the gradual change in the ground through your photos, nature emerges so gently sometimes. Thanks Ruthie for a lovely post.:)

  12. I love bluebells too,you're so lucky to live near this blue forest ! The last photograph reminds me a scene of the beautiful movie "Bright Star" by Jane Campion.
    Have a nice week-end !

  13. Aah, bluebell woodland, so beautiful I am filled with longing. There's just a little clump under the lilac tree here. I must go and see if i can hear their tinkling.
    Aah, Bright Star, I love that film!

  14. Hi there, just came over from Deborah, who made the hare-bag ... but I see some others I know too ;-) !
    I too would LOVE to walk in those woods ! (there are sóme bluebells in my garden right now)

  15. fantastic pictures. I never knew the first three points thanks for sharing. It brought back memories of walking in the blueebell woods as a child. Hugs Sara

  16. So glad you all enjoyed the bluebell pictures & facts. x thank you all for visiting shall catch up with each and everyone of you very soon x

  17. Love seeing the woods changing with time and the light ... makes me want to do a Monet and do the same scene with the changing light. Love the blue bells ... my past life as a fairy. ;)


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