May 01, 2012

Merlin's owl, a midnight walk & a book or two . . .

My boy took me on an adventure a wee while ago,
we donned woolly gloves & hats  & set off into the night. . . .
on a mysterious midnight exploring of the deep dark woods
(My boy loves his photography & most of these above are his)
We lay on a tiny bridge watching trees sway & shooting stars.
and heard the deer moving through crunchy dried autumn leaves.
The little stream below us burbled its song into the cold night air.
and the soft call of the owls told tales we could only guess at.

As we wandered there out of time and out of place
my imaginings conjured knights of old & wise wizards.
Camp fires with their curling smoke hidden amongst the trees
& storytellers of old sharing their words around the warming flames..

I thought of the all the stories i have dipped into over the years
of Merlin, King Arthur & tales of the round table & its Knights.
As I listening to the owl & watched the moon shine through the trees
a misty picture began to take shape before my eyes . . . .
I knew it was the makings of a new painting my brushes just had to make
 and at last tis ready to share, my
Prints of this painting can now be bought in my "Mythweaver" store  here.
or the original here.
*    *    *
I do so love to dip into other places & times, I always have  2-3 books on the go at a time, I shall share some of my most favourite very soon.
Have you any favourite books to share here that pull you back in time?
*   *   *
 (Oh and guess what else I heard this last week, my first cuckoo of the year)


  1. Oh Ruthie this trip out into the midnight time sounds just wonderful!! What a lucky lucky Boy he is to have you for a Mum!
    I totally love your new header picture, and the painting of the gentle faced owl is so beautiful. I always loved Elizabeth Goudge, 'The Little White Horse' the illustrations were magical and I managed to find the very same edition I first read when I was about eleven and borrowed from the library.

    Hugs dear friend x

  2. What a beautiful owl Ruthie! Love this painting.
    This post struck a chord.. we have been listening to the owls in our woods the last few nights.. I have an owl on my 'to do list' for this week (though dont know if he'll get done) And I'm halfway through Bernard Cornwell's Arthur books at the moment :)

  3. Jane ~ it was a wonderful adventure,Im very luckt to have a 17yr old thaty satill wants Mom along sometimes lol. I just read !the little white horse" for the very first time last month, I had picked up a new edition in a 2nd hand shop. I absolutely loved it!!

    Deborah ~ Cannot wait to see what your owl comes out like x

  4. I love your owl!!! Magnificent! ... and magical!

    I loved The Red Tent, which definitely took me back in time ... And Mists of Avalon... In fact it might be time to read that again!

  5. A wonderful adventure Ruthie! I love the way that Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table still play a part in a growing boys imagination. Your owl is very special too! x

  6. Happy May Day, Happy Beltane!

    This lovely owl art would make a wonderful counted cross stitch. ;-)

  7. What wonderful word-images... AND blue-night pics and the owl and the moon. Definitely two of my favorite things. Beautiful painting.

  8. What a magical walk in the woods with your son. His photos capture the mystery of a night wood.
    Your new owl painting is gorgeous.

    (I recently re-read Mary Stewart's Arthurian books - favourites of mine from years ago - and was blown away again by how rich and poignant they are.)

  9. I really love your Merlin's Owl painting and the word pictures that you drew as well. I love two children's books that pull me back in time - one is Alan Garner's The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and the other is Alsion Uttley's A Traveller In Time. I must look for The Little White Horse, it sounds as though it's a similar sort of thing.

  10. such a beautiful painting. I love the tale of Merlin. must have been a truely magical walk in the woods. Your sons photography is amazing. Hugs Sara

  11. such a wonderful experience you gave yourselves, the richness of night life.

    i love this piece Ruthie, all the spirits in the rocks are amazing and so creative of you. a treasure of a piece! lovely day to you ~

  12. What mystery in your night adventure! I love the inspired art, and the story of time with your boy. I have loved the book Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey, which transports me into King Arthur's world as it could have been a few generations later. I love warming my hands at your blog fires.

  13. Love this and I was lucky to have just snatched one on Etsy!!! Go me:)

    Love your collection of mythic books and how your life intersects and influences your art. Arthurian legend is a favorite for me too.

  14. Anonymous3/5/12 19:33

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!! I love your artwork and the collage on top is fantastic too. The books look very interesting.
    Have a wonderful day !!

  15. A gorgeous owl painting! How lovely that you could spend time with your son in such a magical place. It looks as though he was inspired as much as you were! It reminds me of a couple of years ago my son came to Avebury and took the most stunning photographs, I had no idea he could do that! Precious times. :)
    Jess xx

  16. Lucinda ~ I have heard lots of folk mention the Red Tent lately, it has come up to often for me to ignore any longer ;-) and I love the Mists of Avalon.

    Minerva ~ It was a fab adventure, I want to do it again very soon!

    Sandra ~ that’s a lovely idea. I used to do lots of cross stich many years ago. Still have one sat half finished, it has been like that for about 18yrs lol

    Valeriana ~ Ooh I like that “word-images” thank you x

    Lynn ~ Mary Stewart books are ones that you can go back to again & again aren’t they.

    Rowan ~ I absolutely love The Weirdstone of Brisingamen, I remember my Mom reading it to us as children & then I read it to my own. Wouldn’t mind reading it again now. Alison Uttleys "The country child" is another firm favourite from I 1st discovered it when i was 17ish, love the life she describes ~ an old fashioned English childhood..

    Sara ~ Thank you, he is a talented soul.

    Tammie Lee ~ hee hee, u spotted the spirits in the rocks, yay.

    Faith ~ I hadn’t heard of Dragon's Keep but if it is set in King Arthur's time, I just know I will love it. Loved your words “ . . . warming my hands at your blog fires” thank you treasure x

    Lisa ~ Yay, thank you hon ~ it shall be winging its way to you very soon.

    Monique ~ thank you x

    Jess ~ It is very precious to spend time with my boy J ~ he goes away to college in September, so even more so! Lucky us to have such talented boys x Sigh, I haven’t been to Avebury yet . . .one day x

  17. Anonymous6/5/12 23:20


    This painting is just stunning! I love owls, and Merlin. What a great combination! :)

    Some day when I am settled again, I will have to get a copy of this painting (or the original if you haven't sold it!).

    Wishing you a beautiful spring!

    ps. I plan on writing you an e-mail soon to catch up!

  18. Thank you dear Stacey x Got your lovely e-mail shall reply asap. x x Exciting hike news there !! x

  19. Hi Ruthie
    Me again, I have been away with heavy life issues so only now catching up on old blog posts. I ADORE this post. My imagination was flying at your words, wish I was there with you (though it might have been intruding on a Night and his Lady's romantic evening). I love the owl painting. Owls are one of my favorite creatures and frequently are teachers for me.
    Love your blog as always.

  20. Hi Ruthie, I'm a new Friend and also a follower of the blog. I am enjoying all your artwork. You boy does great photography. My daughter is into Merlin Big Time and watches everything that comes on TV (BBC-America). Blessings, Janet

  21. What can I say - Just fantastic, the story, your adventure and that marvelous owl!x

  22. it sounds as though you had a wonderful and inspiring walk. the sort that touches ones spirit and adds to who we are.

    your painting is so very beautiful!


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