April 25, 2012

Lantern making workshops . . .

When word came that a lantern making workshop was being held in the local town hall, I couldn’t resist! I love nothing more than creating & making things and I had never tried lanterns before.
The workshop was open to anyone interested in making simple paper lanterns,
using cane, masking tape, tissue paper & plenty of glue. No experience necessary.
The day was organised by Colin & Pauline Saul & guided along by others
We willing volunteers soon became engrossed in our creations.
 So much fun & enthusiasm and so many wonderful ideas.
By the end of the day we were surrounded by crowns, fish. birds!
I think I can safely say a wonderful creative day was had by all.
All this lantern making experience is now being put to good use
as we all head out into the community to share our learnings with others.
The aim of this venture is to create over 500 paper lanterns
for the evening of 4th June, when Kirkcudbright is holding, what will surely be,
a spectacular  fireworks display & lantern parade to celebrate the Queens Jubilee.

If you are anywhere near Kirkcudbright on that date do come by to take part,
there will be lanterns for sale on the evening, or perhaps you like the idea of
trying your hand . . . .well, it just so happens that on
 Saturday 5th May ~ 10 - 5 ~ in Kirkcudbright upper town hall
there is going to be another open to all "lantern making workshop" event !
I can't wait, I have a swan to finish, can u spot him above? Will we see you there? 
 I do hope so, it is such fun & turned out to be extremely theraputic too!
 If you cant' possibly make it, but love the look of lantern making,
you can find some excellent instructions on how to make the lanters here.


  1. Sounds like it will be a wonderful sight to behold... wish I could be there. Please take photos to post here and share with us. I bet your swan will be beautiful. Am now going to check out lantern making.x

  2. how fun, how amazing, how very creative, and for a very good reason.


  3. Must have been a really fun day :) I've had a little go at this myself and it can become seriously addictive ;)) We have quite a few illuminated carnivals on the Island and these sort of magical lanterns always feature very strongly. That such marvellous objects can be created out of so little is something I love about them. xxx

  4. looks like you had a fun day. Love the lanterns. Hugs Sara

  5. How interesting! I'd love to have a go at making one of these. I'm all thumbs though so God knows how mine would turn out, ha ha! x

  6. It should be a wonderful sight with all the fireworks and lanterns. Hope we shall see your finished swan eventually. I don't think I'd be very good at making lanterns, I'm a bit like Minerva:)

  7. What a gorgeous idea! Lantern parades are so magical...I would love to go to one :)
    Sounds like a really fun workshop Ruthie. There's nothing quite like getting stuck into to actually 'making' things is there? :) xxxx

  8. Ruthie that sounds like a lovely, peaceful workshop! I can imagine that the lantern parade will be breathtaking - especially with all of the handmade beauties.
    Look forward to seeing your finished swan :)

  9. Trish ~ Im sure the lanterns will look amazing, cant wait to see them & I promise I

    Tanith ~ I can so see how it can become addictive. Your illuminated carnivals sound delicious! The lanters seem to be more & more popular up here with various events & processions that are held. I love the way the workshops bring people together. ;-)

    Minerva & Rowan ~ do have a go! Messy i& great fun, many of the fok at the workshop said there weren’t creative or anything, but all produced some beautiful pieces!

    And Rowan~ if I ever do get swan finished lol I shall let you see a picture ;-)

    Thank you all for a-visiting x x

  10. Oh Trish i meant to add ~ I promise i will share photos of the parade here for you x x

  11. oh my, these are gorgeous and amazing too!

  12. Anonymous6/5/12 17:31

    Ruthie, I just love these! I wish I lived near you so I could have done this also. I too love learning new crafts, its just so much fun!


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