July 18, 2011

folklore feature, film & museum

 Vogue has done a spot in its July issue on
British folklore,
with quirky photography by Tim Walker
using real folksies for the shoot
read more here . . .
(image by Tim Walker) 
A wonderful film due for release next year
the first of a series 
filmed just around the corner
in Whithorn is bringing
Scottish folklore to the big screen.
Cast members include
Margaret Bennet, regarded as Scotlands best folklorist,
Sheila Stewart, acclaimed storyteller and ballad singer. 
(Image from the Ruadhan the Bard site) 
and for another taste of the same
visit the ever growing
setup by set & costume designer
A fascinating & much needed project.


  1. Vogue isn't the first place I'd have thought of looking for a spread about British folklore! I like the idea of a Museum on the subject - hope the project comes to fruition, it would be a fascinating place to visit.

  2. Rowan, i agree, it just goes to show, folkore is making waves. The museum would be a must for me to visit!

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  4. this sounds like a film I would enjoy seeing. Thanks for sharing it Ruthie.


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