December 08, 2010

red & gold & white . . .

in amongst all the sparkling loveliness of the snow & ice
i have been snuggled in my studio
i have been mixing deep & glowing colours
to keep me warmer still,
christmas stars in velvety skies
christmassy trees, full of heartfelt messages
and christmas dancing angels, to bring smiles of joy
i have also been amending disasters, this last month
my red & unruly hair seems to be a thing
hairdressers have never been able to tame,
by cut or colour, as you see below, sighs
at last i am relenting & returning to my natural untamed state
(top right & bottom left, is where i'm at just now)
do other redheads have the same problem i wonder?
At the end of each beautiful day
wonderful frosty sunsets send me indoors with
a smile on my face
x x x


  1. Gorgeous ...the only word I can think of.
    Your art ..and the angels with gorgeous red hair
    Your photos of the snow scenes
    Your hair ...if only I was so lucky, sigh
    And your sunset.
    ....all just gorgeous.

  2. My good friend from childhood - since nursery school who I am still very close and in good contact with -that's since 5 years old! - has WILD red hair. She, too,
    has lamented the unruliness of her shining locks. I always think the wildness is becoming. I love the middle bottom photo of you with wild hair befit a Faery Queen!

  3. Anonymous9/12/10 04:25

    How lovely to have stumbled across your amazing blog. Filled with such adventure, so beautiful indeed!

  4. Gorgeous paintings, and what a view,

  5. I think your hair looks lovely x Lovely photos too x

  6. Ah Ruthie, your work is GORGEOUS as always! And I love your wild red locks...!

    We are having some fantastic sunrises & sunsets at the moment. Alwayst seem to coming up for winter solstice


  7. So much warmth and vibrancy in those Christmas trees and stars – just like your red hair! :) Keep the untamed state, it's best.. my hair is dark but of similar unruliness so I understand there's not much to be done about it. Keep warm! xx

  8. I've seen some beautiful sunsets in my many years Ruthie,but for variety we here in Galloway with our unique coastline must have the cream of the crop.Lovely colours (That goes for your hair too)

  9. All that work looks amazing. Beautiful as always.
    And I love that you are going to let your hair be wild! Oh how I always wanted red curly hair! I guess we always want what we don't have...
    I hope you are having an wonderful time on your travels!

  10. I envy your red and unruly hair!!!
    Beautiful images Ruthie, I can only just begin to imagine how beautiful your home must be at Christmas.

  11. Beautiful post and images! I enjoyed it very much!

  12. Ruthie, love your hair in its natural, untamed state! That last shot is so beautiful.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and many more good things in 2011!! xa

  13. what a precious collage!
    what a precious things!
    I like a lot!
    thanks for sharing them

  14. These pictures are all divine.
    So, so pretty. ♥

  15. There's no better way to beat the cold than creating that warm glow of satisfaction that comes from making something beautiful - gorgeous work!

  16. Oh, I've been looking forward to a new post from you! Such gorgeous photos of outdoors and your work is lovely. Your hair looks great!! Not wild and untamed, but free and full of life! Abby

  17. Ruthie, sitting down to read your lovely posts is always a breath of fresh air in my day, a moment of being still and feeling inspired. Thank you :)

  18. First of all the gold paint with those colors is so fabulous! And second of all, I so wanted red hair in college that I got a box of hair color from the grocery store and turned myself into Ronald Macdonald. Not exactly what I was going for. Anyway ... LOVE your hair!

  19. Hello folks, lovely as always to hear from you all. We are back at last from our travels, i shall tell all as soon as i can catch my breath. Catching up is on my list of do to's next. speak soon x ruthie x
    p.s thank you all too for the liking of red & unruly hair! i shall stay focused and keep away from any snipping scissors ;-)

  20. Thanks for dropping by Ruthie, I have sent you a message direct. Thanks for the lovely comments too. Best wishes Tricia :) xx

  21. Hi Ruthie, Just LOVE your angel mandala...I'm a mandala freak....always turning everything into a mandala myself..just ask Lucinda. And by the way, she wasn't the only one to try red locks. I also wanted and tried to be a pre-Rafaelite beauty like you but out of boxed color and a perm......turning into Cheeto head.... a complete disaster. So enjoy your natural gorgeous locks....and maybe in my next life I'll come back with your natural curls : )

  22. I for one WISH I had your lovely red hair!! I used to have chestnut-brown coloured wavy hair but now I finally let things go natural and I am a kind or Platinum-grey-white, I still get a shock when I glance in the mirror;)))
    So I think you and your hair are just smashing Ruthie!!

    And...I love all the colour and gold in your painting!!

    x Jane


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