June 14, 2010

sea pinks and cotton grass . . .

wandering the countryside here
there are always treasures to discover
down on the shore,
tiny sea pinks & the brightest of lichens
decorating aged rocks
in a hillside field
an old empty cottage is tucked
the stories those walls could tell
up in the galloway hills
the softest carpets of cotton grass
nodding their sleepy heads
and when we stop for a moment
amid patches of daisies
we find, packed by my lovely mom
scones, filled with homemade jam to munch on
whilst we sit and admire the views
perfect weekend lazy days
x x x
(our poor old monitor is on its last legs
so i do hope the photos are ok!
to be remedied as soon as )


  1. Photos look fine.... and your journey is inviting. We are seeing the sun today for the first time in over a week. I look forward to getting out again!

  2. As if the landscape photos weren't enough to make me long to be there.... that last picture certainly seals the deal!

  3. Yum,yum.
    If you live near there, you are so lucky.

  4. Beautiful! To nest in that cottage would be a treat indeed and by the way, that scone looks delicious and my mouth is watering!!

  5. Hi Ruthie,

    My goodness you do know how to get my heart fluttering. I've had a love affair with Scotland most of my life, and from the four times I visited I've never gotten enough of it. Your piccy's give me such good memories, thank you for sharing your most beautiful corner of the world. I will be back!!!!!


  6. My Scottish blood is all aflutter with the beauty you photographed! Love the cottton grass! Thank you : )

  7. Just beautiful!Thanks for the glimpse of my beloved D&G, hope to be back soon! The scones look yummy too! x

  8. Hi there,
    Love the picture of the cotton grass... and don't sea pinks and lichens go fantasticly together...
    Looks like a lovely landscape...

  9. Valerianna, we have been lucky with lots of sunny days inbeetween the showers!

    dear meri, so glad the photos bring back good memories.

    Jules, i didn't realise you were from D&G!

    hello to you all, lovely to see you again x x

  10. Oh, your photos and words are such fresh air! You have given me a moment to breathe and see beauty,in what has been a grumpy, stupidly busy day!Thank you xxx

  11. milena, so glad we were able to lift your day, i really dislike those grumpy, busy days ;-) x x

  12. This is such a lovely blog. I enjoy going on your walks with you and your camera.

  13. Anonymous15/6/10 00:39

    Just gazing at your lovely photos makes my long tedious day melt away and rejuvenates me! What a glorious day it must have been. Thank you for sharing it!

  14. What a fabulous place to ramble...I'm so OVER suburbia, I think we will be moving next year to a quieter, more peaceful, more wild place, though I love my little house so. Those scones look delicious!

  15. Ruthie,
    Your new surroundings are magical and it looks very peaceful as well.
    The old house is like a monument in the landscape. I wonder about it's history and who lived there and why is it now left empty?
    The fluffy cotton grass is so pretty and delicate.:)
    Jam scones are delicious. I have not had a cream tea for ages. You are lucky your mum makes them for you!:)
    Keep enjoying peaceful and perfect days in Scotland.
    If you do visit Wiltshire someday, please do let me know and we could meet up for a cream tea!;)

  16. lauragrace, aw not so good you had a tedious day, glad the photos helped though!

    Christina - what a wonderful thing to be looking forward to, im sure wherever you choose to live you would make it into a perfect home x x

    Jo - it was mystical feeling walking around and through the old cottage, all empty and silent i almost felt i could hear the walls whispering their stories. MM, now i never could resist the offer of cream teas, one day soon ! Good luck with your packing x x

  17. Your photo's are gorgeous Ruthie. Your new surroundings look idylic. Anglesey is very pink too. Vervain grows wild like weeds but pleases the eye so much. I always loved knowing that herbs and calming influences run amock on this island xxJ

  18. What a beautiful location, Ruthie, and fantastic photos. I feel as though I'm there. Nature's bounty is just full of delights, what with the cotton grass and sea pinks. Stunning! Bright wishes for the solstice. Much love. xx

  19. Good to see you taking a break and getting out and about in our beautiful countryside Ruthie.Tea or coffee,jammy scones,fresh air and nature's scenery.That's just about all you need.

  20. I am getting Gallowayitus, we have not visited for a while and I am getting withdrawal symptoms!

  21. What a treasure-filled day it looked! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos. Makes me wish for a bit of those scones and landscape.

  22. Hi Ruthie,

    I would like to gift you with a blog award called “Inspirational Artist Award”. Please visit my blog and pick up your award. I hope you don’t mind there are two links to your blogs on my blog.


    Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful creations and so many marvellous photos!


  23. Smashing pics, Ruthie. Despite my many visits there, I'm struggling to identify the location. Looks like the Galloway end.

  24. Ruthie, it would be a big honour for me if you feature my wee bears on your faerietale blog.
    Thank you so much!x

  25. I don't think I have ever seen cotton grass in my life and it's so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. This post is so dreamy and enchanted ... any moment I expected the fairy folk to show themselves! And I love the sneakers and daisies!

    mmm... scones and jam ... lucky you!

  26. Ruthie, I'm so happy!!! My bears on your blog!
    Thank you so much! :)
    Bear hugs,

  27. A wonderful blog Ruthie. I love sea pinks. I have never seen so much cotton grass, it looks like a field full of cotton wool. I would have loved to share your Mum's wonderful scones.

  28. Hi I've just found your blog, and Fallen in love. it made me sigh with delight It's wonderful. Thank yo so much.

  29. You've certainly been working hard, all the chairs that you've brought back to life look great. The sea pinks are so pretty, I feel sorry for the little empty cottage though, it needs someone to care for it again.

  30. Very good taste
    and sensitivity

  31. Oh it's beautiful! Wish I could visit such a magical place ... where is this place if I may ask?

  32. Oh, it looks so wonderfully dreamy to wander here! And what a lovely mum you have to pack you scones!

  33. photos are great! scones... yummy!


  34. Beautiful blog! I'm enjoying your photos and creativity. Very inspirational.


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