June 06, 2010

mad hatter madness & an anniversary . . .

my love of quirkiness was instantly attracted
to the mad hatter inspired theme
of this wedding shoot
* * *
especially as mr o & i
just celebrated another
precious year together
x x x


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  2. Congratulations and thank you for sharing such a fantastic photo :) Am feeling very much like the Mad Hatter lol

  3. Happy Anniversary!! May this next year bring you even more love and joy!

    And fun photo shoot by the way! Love the clocks outdoors from the tree and the adorable flower bouquet!

  4. Many more happy years ruthie xx Happy Anniversary!...awww bless you that you used to visit your family in Calstock- it was truly a beautiful place and homely village everyone seemed arty and chatty and lovely and the views were amazingly stunning- first time id been but my mum had been a few times on bike ralleys- she's in her 60's with a harley davidson!- oh lody lords its role reversal i worry about her like im her mother! hehe....
    bless you both on your lovely day xx

  5. Happy Anniversary Ruthie! And fabulous photo, very appropriate, we just had afternoon tea outside as the sun is shining, and we were swapping our kitchen tables over so the big old one is outside (temporarily)! Mmmm, cheese scones!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!
    The photo's great, I love the idea of the Mad Hatter's tea party.

  7. Anonymous7/6/10 11:05

    Congratulations to you! A beautiful scene envisioned..

  8. May I add my congrats, Ruthie? I'm too much the loner for that kind of thing, but I'm happy for those who can do it. You've created a lovely world for yourself up there, and I so admire your energy.

  9. Happy Anniversary Ruthie.Mr O is one luck man.

  10. Anonymous8/6/10 02:18

    and may you both continue to be happy together and lots of love in your gorgeous new home ♥

  11. Happy Anniversary Ruthie! :)

    I hope you are both still enjoying your new home and you did something special on your anniversary.
    I have now found a new home too and moving at the end of June. Back to Wiltshire. To another peaceful village! :)

    I love this Mad Hatters tea party table. It is wonderfully quirky.
    I especially like the floating clocks!

    All best wishes to you and Mr O.


  12. Hi Ruthie,

    Congratulations and happy anniversary. How many years is it?

    Well, many, many happy returns and much more.


  13. just love this photo ! all your photographs are really lovely, just been browsing & your own artwork - clever lady! :)

  14. Happy anniversary to you, Ruthie! I wish you many more years of happiness together. What a lovely photo, thanks for sharing!

  15. Congratulations on your anniversary, Ruthie. Bright and magical wishes for many, many happy years ahead. xx

  16. Happy Anniversary, Ruthie! I am sure it has been a magical journey together. :)

  17. Happy Anniversary. Love the wonderful mad hatter them. Delightful and totally inspiring.

  18. thank you all for your anniversary wishes, we had a wonderful day and took of with a picnic packed and our waqlking boots on.

    Christina - we are just about to put up our table outside as the weather is getting better, i hope!

    jeff - thank you, energy ?? where lol

    Glebe blob - thanks, mr o says he is indeed !! aww ;-)

    Meri - it is two years, we both waited a very long time to find our soul mate, but it was so worth it x

    see you all soon x x


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