May 26, 2010

outside . . .

at last . . . . . we are moved . . . . . hurray
the last boxes are unpacked
homes have been found for every little thing
we are slowly but surely settling in
these deliciously sunshiny days have found us
in our new garden space, tucked into the hill
digging & clearing & pruning
much cutting of grass and pulling of weeds
we have uncovered quirky steps and hidden corners
forgotten plants & neglected flowers
fallen down walls & buried treasures
we are as busy as the bees, planning & planting
and filling our wee space with happiness

and . . . looking forward.
* * *
thank you for stopping by your words mean so much
have lifted my spirits so, when the going got tough
x x x


  1. Your new garden looks enchanting!

  2. Hi Ruthie,
    Good to see you back on Blogger!:)
    Your new garden looks lovely, like a little haven to retreat to.:)
    I love the sun plaque and fossils.
    It is great to hear you are really settled in your new environment now. Sending you all best wishes and much happiness. You can now relax and enjoy the Summer!

  3. Anonymous26/5/10 16:26

    May all who dwell in your lovely new home feel secure and content. I like what you're about in the garden and look forward to seeing more of your home and your creations. ♥

  4. So glad to see you back again - I missed your posts. How delightful to have hidden corners. What fun!

  5. So happy to see you've returned!! With brand new house photos!!

  6. Welcome back Ruthie :)
    Hope you are happy in your new home. It all looks lovely! xx

  7. A magical little paradise Ruthie :)) I wish you much happiness and peace in your new home.

  8. Your new garden looks lovely, hope you're settling happily into your new house too..

  9. Anonymous27/5/10 00:08

    What a delightful and enchanting garden space to work and play in. Besyt wishes for happy days in your new place. Welcome back, Rita

  10. Lovely to hear you're settled in and busily turning your little house into a home filled with happiness, and your lovely garden into a peaceful haven!

  11. Hmmmm, I have only just found your 2nd blog, how did that happen..... Your new home looks enchanting, as does your blog......

  12. Hi Ruthie

    it is good to have you back and see the fruits of your labours...happy days in the new wee house.

    Can you tell me Ruthie who was Jock Mc Ginty? My dad has just passed away and altho his name was Geoffrey his dad always called him wee Jock Mc Ginty...I have been wondering about this...

    happy days

  13. thank you all x x

    Hi Delwyn - so sorry to hear about your dad. i asked mr o who was born & bred in scotland and very up on things. we are not sure about the name jock mcginty. The english call the scottish jocks - or singularly a jock, in scotland a person named john is often called jock. There is an old irish song "paddy mcgintys goat, but other than that, we dont know , sorry not to be of more help. x x

  14. Wow Ruthie, what a delightful little space you've carced out for yourselves there. Utterly beautiful! I'm glad to hear you're all settled in, I truly believe people when they say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can ever do. All the best in your new home!

  15. Whoops, that should've been 'carved' out. I really need to read my comments before posting them!

  16. Your garden is taking shape, it already has so much going for it and I am sure you will soon feel that your house has become your home.

  17. Hi Rurhie! i love the poetry that flows all over this site, very magical atmosphere!

  18. What a nice property!

  19. Glad the move went well. Ah, the adventure continues. Nice pics, and lovely place.

  20. Lovely Ruthie, I can tell that your garden is going to be a most special place to be indeed. Am so pleased for you that your move has gone well and I wish you lots of contented moments in your new home.
    Lots of love,
    Milena xxx

  21. How lovely! A new home and garden to play with! Congratulations. I hope you have many years of contentment there.

  22. Good to hear that you are settled in your new home and you are exploring the delights and surprises in your new garden.

  23. Hope you're settling in nicely, Ruthie. I just love the little treasures and the way your garden tucks neatly into the hill. So full of magic! xx

  24. Hurray! So glad you're in and settled. Your little nook of a garden looks so pretty. Happy nesting! XX

  25. What a magical garden I know you will love finding all the hidden treasure. I wish you happiness in your new home.

  26. Looks like a beautiful spot Ruthie, I'm really happy to hear your spirits are lifted :)

  27. What a magickal place for fairytale dreams!


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