September 22, 2009

giant animation

wonderful "giant" animation
and for something i so believe in
green energy


  1. Ruthie! I love this video! Thank you for sharing it! Enjoy your time away to recharge. I'll look forward to seeing how your artistic side develops :)


    PS...your sketched faerie folk (aboove) is just gorgeous!!

  2. I like that giant. Good message.

  3. A strong message for us all...

  4. Anonymous25/9/09 21:44

    What a lovely advert. My hubby heard the music and wanted to know what I was watching, so turned to screen round and he liked the advert also.
    A true winner and a great way for sharing energy saving devices.

  5. Jean - thank you! i did re-charge & am ready to go.

    Richard & Bondbloke & Julie-ann - it is a great message & put across in such a fun way


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