August 19, 2009

Gypsy inspired

Sketching gypsy inspired ideas for things to come
Time you old gipsy man
Time, you old gipsy man,
Will you not stay,
Put up your caravan
Just for one day?
All things I'll give you
Will you be my guest,
Bells for your jennet
Of silver the best,
Goldsmiths shall beat you
A great golden ring,
Peacocks shall bow to you,
Little boys sing,
Oh, and sweet girls will
Festoon you with may.
Time, you old gipsy,
Why hasten away?

My Grandma used to recite this to me when I was small
and I love the pictures it conjured.
written by the english poet Ralph Hodgson
here to read the rest, here for other poems of his.


  1. beautiful drawing!!!

  2. I love your gypsy sketch, how wonderful :) I also love the wooden bowls, wood is so tactile isn't it?

    Kim x

  3. Your art, your sentiment, your soul... Beautiful x

  4. Your young gypsy looks very brave and full of good cheer. Lovely :)

  5. Lovely post. I love the sketch and the poem is perfect!
    And that leaf photo WOW! That tells a story in itself.
    Have a great day

  6. I love ur sketch, on saturday we went to carters steam fair, they had beautiful vintage caravans and the vintage rides brightly painted it was so pretty, have you ever been? I really wanted to nose round in their caravans!! Fliss x x

  7. Red Den - that is perfect. And how fortuitous.

  8. Anna - thank you

    Kim - wodd is so very touchable & i love the smell in kt's shed when she has been turning her wood!

    Jasmine - thank you so!!!

    The Garden Ms. s - that is just how i wanted her to look, thank you. though i am struggling to get the actual painting to match the look on the sketch. typical.

    Rita - i loved how this tiny leaf had caught the rain like jewels.

    Fliss - No! now i realy must go one day, sounds intriguing x

    Tara - i know! Moms idea, she's a clever soul x

  9. Hello Ruthie. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love your style. The gypsy girl has beautiful fluid lines. Everything looks beautiful. What are the rain drops reflecting? Something brown? They almost look like amber! Have a great day and it's my pleasure to meet you.

  10. Hi Ces, lovely to meet you too! thank you for your sweet comment re gypsy girl. The brown bits on the leaf were spore like growths on it, they seemed to have caught the rain and looked like jewels. Hope your better soon x

  11. Lovely photograph of the leaf, one of the joys of this wet weather.
    A little late but congratulations on your blogging year. Your enthusiasm shines through in everything you do...thats sounds like a school report..but it does.

  12. I agree with Milly, I could not have put it better.

  13. Hi Ruthie,
    The leaf photo is lovely and I think the studio will be a success.
    What a great poster.:)
    I like the sketch of the fairy gypsy!!
    Are you getting into drawing fairies now too?


  14. Milly & Valerie, thank you both so much!

    Joanne May - we do so hope the studio will work. faeries are something i have always drawn, i was bought up on faerie tales etc, i have just looked over my blog & think i need to make some changes as it doesn't really give a true picture of me & my love of faerietale & fantasy x.

  15. the drops on that leaf are magical, all the different colors- i wonder how that came to be....
    those bowls are wonderful!
    And your drawing is oh so fine and perfect with the lovely poem you share. Lovely to have a glimpse into your world~

  16. Hello Ruthie, Frist Congratulation on your 1st year of blogging. I have only been stepping along with you for a short time but I have truly enjoyed the journey. I love your illustrations, your art and your feeling about nature.

    I have learned a great appreciation for "Wood" because My Sweetie is always creating wonderful creative things with it. Your Wooden Loveliness" are just that Lovely.

    I am also celebration in this month of August my 3rd year of blogging. I have expressed my feeling about it in my newest post. I hope you will have a read. Hugs from Rainy Michigan.

  17. Splendid design for The Red Den Studio, and your Gypsie gal sketch is cool.

  18. Anonymous7/9/09 13:48

    Love your sketch, just shows how talented you are.


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