August 25, 2009

autumn fruits & driftwood

wandering out beetween the showersrosehips full of vitamin c
early autumn feasts met our eyeselder berries make delicious wine
bursting into richly coloured ripeness
tucked amongst the dripping hedgerowssloe berries
and down on the evening lit, deserted shore driftwood wind chime we found a beachcombers windchime
of driftwood, twine & seashells
dancing gently in the breeze
tinkling its tune out over the sea
* * *
( tomorrow we bring baskets to fill !)


  1. beautiful photos!
    love them!!

    have a great weekend

  2. your photos are exquisite, ruthie.

  3. Enchanting photos, Ruthie. Fill your baskets with seaweed, very good mulch for the garden.

  4. Great photos!! You have a knack...I can never get my
    close-ups to look so lovely!!

  5. May God be with you. Success for you.

  6. This is lovely Ruthie, we will be heading into my favourite time of the year.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. Love the wind chime - how romantic.

    This is lovely time of year, enjoy :)

  8. The fruits are in abundance now and we are harvesting like mad :)

    Drop by my new place sometime and say hi :)


  9. Anonymous1/9/09 03:06

    I love that last photo! Tinkling out over the sea and calling to the mermaids!

  10. Anonymous2/9/09 02:54

    These are wonderful! I am so excited that fall is beginning. It's my favorite time of year. And the wind chime is exquisite!

  11. This is such a lovely strand of photos. I will be picking wild rose hips to make a tincture with. I did this last year and then make a honey syrup as needed with the tincture through out the year. It is divine and full of Vit. C.

  12. Alaine, i shall, my mum uses it too x

    Rita - my wee camera seems especially good at close ups x

    Renee - mine too, so much to look forward to x

    Yarrow - im on my way lol x

    Tammie-Lee - now thats a grand idea x i love using things from the hedgerows. I relly want to have a go at lots more too. blackberry jam is my first step

  13. Lovely images, that windchime is enchanting.

  14. ruthie, that's beautiful like a little song humming gently on the breeze!! or a poem! i love the beachy wind chime! fliss xx

  15. So beautiful. The colours of early autumn are so lovely. Yes, definitely take a basket tomorow! Happy weekend to you!

  16. Anonymous5/9/09 00:15

    I love the tree you are creating and the twisted bark and writing.

  17. Hi Ruthie!
    I love the way you combine words and images, and I feel a real empathy with you. I love both of your blogs. Thank you for them.
    Eileen xxx

  18. What a beautiful post Ruthie, it sends me back to the lovely sea and wistful dreams of autumn...

  19. I love autumn harvests - rosehips and hawthorn and late plums... What are the berries in the second photo though?


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